Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Whole New Dimension

We have been in Oklahoma for almost one month now.
GOD BLESS OUR FRIENDS who are sheltering us during
this transition period. Overall we are doing very well.

Things are different that is for sure - but not BAD DIFFERENT
just DIFFERENT -- not sure if that makes sense??? but anytime
you put two families together things are gonna get shaken up. Not
to mention the fact that we have two kids and they have 5. That
my friends adds a whole new dimension

We are homeschooling - which generally takes about 2 hours per day
sometimes less - I enjoy it most days but I also miss the kids being
out of the house for a bit too (hope that doesn't make me a bad
mom) But honestly - I loved using that time for Bible Study -
Cleaning - Laundry - Groc. Shopping - SCRAPBOOKING -- or just
hanging with my buds (Molly & Nicole) I miss having time to do
those things -- I am sure I could still have this time it is that I just
have to be more purposeful in my time management I guess. And
as for the kids - lets just say they both are excited to start school
and meet some new friends. They go back and forth on whether
they "like" being homeschooled - but then again I can't tell you the
number of times I have heard Makenna say "Mom, do I have to go
to school today?"

Driving here in Tulsa is very different than driving in Houston. No
one seems to be in a hurry to get anywhere - not sure if that is
good or bad? Guess it just depends on my mood that day - Oh
and I am not sure what the deal is but it seems many people here
don't realize that YEILD doesn't mean come to a complete STOP
and look around to see if you can proceed!!!

Can you tell I have a teensy weensy bit of Road Rage ;)

We are attending church here and it is AWESOME -- the worship
team is the best I have ever seen (or heard)

I am really trying to soak up this time we have with our friends.
It isn't always easy - the kids fight - there has even been some
blood shed :0 *gasp*

but I think the best part is that we are all LEARNING

I am seeing how patient Ashlee is with her kids - It is so refreshing
I can't help but want to be more like that - she lets them PAINT
now I don't mean watercolor - I mean actually help paint the walls
and when her 6 year old got some wall color on the already painted
trim she didn't even flinch -- I on the other hand probably wouldn't
allowed my kids to help paint.

Do I miss my fam in Houston? YES
Do I miss my friends? YES
Do I miss my house - my stuff - and my normal "routine"? YES

But all in all it is a great experience - and I know that my family
will always look back on this time and smile.