Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 31st

New Year's Eve ....
the kids are at my mom's and this is the first New Year's Eve that Heath and I have been alone since we became parents. I must say I was really looking forward to it. Heath however was exhausted from all the hours he has been putting in at work. We went to dinner together at Logan's and then rented a few movies (they weren't very good) and I rang in the new year alone on the couch .... Heath went to bed at 10:30

Sunday, December 28, 2008

December 28th

Grandmommy and Grandad left for Houston today. We really enjoyed having them here with us and were sad to see them leave. We are hoping to visit them during spring break, which for the kids seems like an eternity away. We spent the last few days hanging out with them either at our home or their hotel. The kids got to swim in the hotel pool so that was a fun treat to all the cold weather here. We went to the mall and just enjoyed their company. I have to say that dinner on Saturday was super fun. Mexican food and margaritas ..... complementary sopapillas ....what could be better?

December 25th

First let me say, I know that Jesus wasn't born on DEC 25 - more than likely He was born in spring since they were traveling to pay taxes. That being said MY FAMILY chooses to celebrate HIS GLORIOUS BIRTH on DEC 25th.

Christmas morning we woke up at my parents house -- It was fun to be there with my family and especially being able to see my niece's first Christmas.

I couldn't help but imagine how it must have been for Mary and Joseph. To know that you are giving birth to the Savior and yet having people tell you there was "no room" for you. Giving birth in a stable.

Then it seemed my thoughts turned the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the price He paid for all of us. The pain He must have endured....

And then I thought of the boundless love that God has for us. And how little HE asks of us in return. How ashamed I am that my actions aren't always what they should be... my words and thoughts aren't always pure. but how when I ask for HIS forgiveness an overwhelming feeling of peace encompasses me.... GOD IS SO GOOD... All the TIME!!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

We walked through the lights at Rhema tonight with Ken and Drema.... It was to come

December 24th

Christmas Eve

We hit the road for my parents house, with gracie in tow. We spent the early evening hours at Christi and Brandon's eating snacks and visiting with Heath's parents who came up from Houston. Throw in a little Guitar Hero and you get a JOLLY OL' TIME. Lots of fun!

We headed back to my mom's were I got to snuggle with my little neice Keairra until the wee hours of the morning. She is such a cutie pie. I guess I am just getting too old because I was wore out the following day.


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Sunday, December 21, 2008

December 21st

advent calendar
We made a gingerbread house together today
super fun!! and I got some great pics

the best thing is the kids took the gingerbread house
with them to my moms tonight .... this way I won't be
tempted to nibble on it through out the week :) win win :)

December 20th

advent calendar
Pizza from papa johns
we watched Christmas with the Cranks
funny movie :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008


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Friday, December 19, 2008

December 19th

The teacher's gifts went over well... Makenna's teacher even said something about trying not to cry :) I realized after I delivered the teacher gifts that I didn't photograph them. Well, I couldn't very well go and snatch them back so no pictures :( boo hoo

I did gift cards for all of the kids "specials" teachers.... art, music, and P.E .... made cute little gift card holders

And for the teachers I made cards, a decorated journal, and a journal jar ..... I got the idea from here .....

Advent Calendar
We watched ELF all together ....even Heath :)
oh and Heath brought home candy bars for the kids... and me too

December 18th

The kids FINALLY went to school today. Though I enjoyed having them home for 3 extra days,I was getting stressed with all the things I needed to get done. I had planned to work on some small gift projects this week. I was able to get all but one of them finished today. YEAH!!!

Advent Calendar
We went to Burger King after school to get a little snack ..... whopper jr's

Thursday, December 18, 2008

December 17th

Another day out of school for the kiddos. We did have to run some errands though but by the time we left the house around noon the ice was more like muddy slush.

Advent Calendar
The kids got candy at wal-mart while running errands ... Noah got a chocolate WALRUS and Makenna got a chocolate penguin.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December 16th

No school again today the roads are still icy. Today the fights began. I guess it was inevitable.... bound to happen when you have two kids, a dog, and their mother shut up in a tiny apartment. Not to name names but the dog and I behaved well today. ;)

Advent Calendar
watched Kit Kittridge the American Girl Movie - it was a great opportunity to talk to the kids about how lots of people are really struggling right now - the mess the economy is in - how it has effected us - and how we can help others.

December 15th

No school today because of the ice. The kids and I treked across the massive ice covered parking lot to check the mail.... well we mostly skated.... the wind was brutal. Other than that we cuddled up in the house all day watching movies, drinking hot chocolate, and playing video games.

Advent Calendar
watched Eloise at Christmastime

Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 13th & 14th

Advent Calendar

The kids went to my mom's for the weekend so I could work on Saturday. We didn't do the Advent Calendar at her house because she pretty much lets them do whatever they want anyway ;) :) LOL!

On Saturday night Heath and I went on a date. We went to Chipotle and then we went to see Four Christmas and it was HILARIOUS.... I am a huge fan of Vince Vaughn. It is not a movie for kids (of course)and has some foul language but was very funny. Afterward we went Christmas shopping for the kids until MIDNIGHT and then hung out.

Sunday was volunteering at church and then we FINISHED OUR SHOPPING for CHRISTMAS!!!! Feels so good to be done and now we can enjoy the fun part of giving the gifts.

December 12th

Advent Calendar

The kids were leaving to go to my mom's tonight so they asked for another piece of my special chocolate candy :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

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December 11th

Advent Calendar

We watched the movie Front of the Class, which is a Hallmark Movie about a man who has Tourette Syndrome and accomplished his dream of becoming a teacher. It really was a great movie and I know it was encouraging for Noah. I think he can feel very isolated and this was a good opportunity for him to see that his disability (although trying) doesn't have to rob him of his dreams.

We also had pizza rolls for dinner.....the kids love these and we sometimes have them for snack but they had requested them for dinner last week...... who am I to object to anything pizza related :)

After the kids ate they had their baths, put on their pj's and we headed out the door. Yep, you heard me right! We stopped and picked up HOT CHOCOLATE and drove through the CHRISTMAS LIGHTS at Rhema. I have a few pictures I will post later. We weren't able to walk through the lights because .... well .... the kids were in their pjs but we are going to go back again before Christmas.

The kids are going to my mom's this weekend so we packed a lot into today. LOADS of FUN and the best part was that Heath was home from work for most of it (missed part of the movie) THAT WAS A SPECIAL TREAT.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

PCOS and Insulin Resistance ???

Doc called this morning with my lab results .... I have PCOS and I am insulin resistant (which explains why I am so tired all the time even though I was on too much thyroid hormone)... looks like more doctor appointments and more meds are in my future :( but hey .... could be worse. Anxious to find out more about PCOS and insulin resistance. If anyone has any experience with these I would love to hear from you

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December 10th

Advent Calendar

The kids got to have one of mommy's truffles. I don't know why they think they are so special .... maybe it has something to do with the fact that I can make one tiny bag of truffles last for months and months and I am not known for sharing....but tis the season :)

December 9th

Advent Calendar
So today was watching "merry christmas charlie brown" except we didn't watch it. The kids really wanted to just have the extra time to just PLAY. I was sad but I can't really complain. I am still sick and I still have 2 finals to take before tomorrow afternoon.

In other news, right in front of our apartment a young woman was robbed at gunpoint. So you guessed it..... we will be moving!!!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

December 8th

Advent Calendar

I bought the kids little mini apple pies at the grocery store today. Not only were they super cute, they were yummy as well.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

December 7

Today is my littlest brothers 20th birthday

I have been quite sick for the past several days and after loads of lab work on Friday.....seriously how many times are you going to stick me with needles OUCH!... I became worse off. Hmmmmm makes sense now ... you take loads of blood from someone they are bound to not be able to fight off illness as effectively. Anyway I have faith that I am getting better... the tongue is a creative force... so I will continue to speak it until it is so. Hopefully I will be better tomorrow just in time for my finals.

Advent Calendar
Chocolate icecream with hot fudge and marshmallows (you can tell which nights daddy has picked the surprise.... both had to do with ICE CREAM)


Advent Calendar

We watched Polar Express together as a family

Saturday, December 06, 2008

December 5th

Advent Calendar

The kids watched the Drake and Josh Christmas Special
:) which was really special seeing as though they were able to meet Drake Bell a few few months ago.

December 4th

Advent Calendar

the kids had CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM after dinner

Thursday, December 04, 2008

December 3

Advent Calendar

after their homework was done the kids were allowed to play games until dinner.... they thought this was super fun. They played air hockey and Wii baseball, boxing, and Super Smash Brothers.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

December 2nd

Advent Calendar

Makenna's turn to open the door ........ hot cocoa w/marshmallows before bed.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Advent Calendar :)

first I must say that the little advent House that I got a Target is the only Christmas decor we have in our tiny apartment so it seems to be a bid deal to the kids ;) FUN --

So for Dec 1 we flipped a coin to see who got to open the door. Noah won. And inside the kids found a small piece of paper that had FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT written on it. The kids were super excited. We watched Journey to the Center of the Earth. Heath was here because he left work early (he has walking pneumonia)and though he slept through most of the movie it was fun to have him home.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Ok .... so I know it isn't even Thanksgiving yet but I couldn't help myself. The kids and I really got a kick out of playing on this website. Too much fun!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's My Birthday TOO!

They say it's your birthday
nana nana nana na
It's my birthday too
nana nana nana na

Yep today is my special day
and here are some others that celebrate
their special day with me.

(if an apple a day could make me as uber creative as she -- I would be all for it)

Jodie (Alicia) Foster

Meg Ryan (I just loved her in You've Got Mail)
Calvin Klein and Larry King too


Monday, November 17, 2008

The RESULTS are IN!!!!

That's right the results are in and I am still cancer free. I have to go back in for 3 more tests in about 3 weeks but the doctor didn't find any remaining thyroid cells in my neck at this time.


I am super excited.

It never fails. Everytime I am about to be retested I start to freak. I am usually super emotional the week before. Mostly out of FEAR I think. But once I heard the results I was good to go. time to exhale.

Thanks for all your prayers!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So it has now been over 1 year since I have been cancer free.
EXCITING isn't it!!!!!

I can't help but blast a huge smile across my face every time I say "cancer free".

two little words that can brighten my day .... or my thoughts... anytime.

I have my one year check up on Friday so -- fingers crossed and sending up prayers that my status remains the same.

God is so AMAZING!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack Obama

The president elect is Barack Obama. I am sure this isn't breaking news as most of us heard it last night. But I had to blog about how excited I was for Noah. He really wanted Mr. Obama to win. Now, whether I agree with him or not is not the issue. We try not to sway our children either way but raise them to be independent critical thinkers. I must say the passion that Noah had about Barack was amazing. He was a little confused about his position on the war. I think Noah's biggest concern these days is global warming. He is so passionate about animals - and just when I think he can't become anymore engulfed in them he surprises me.

After leaving Target last night while still in the car Noah yells from the back seat

"Vote Barack Obama - Save the Polar Bears"

I can't wait until he is 18 and can exercise his right to vote - it truly is a privilege to live in this great country.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

be back with photos of my uber cute kids tomorrow

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 25th 2008

for my hubby
it's been 11 years since we were married. I can't even BELIEVE it. Doesn't seem like it has been that long. I still get a huge smile on my face when I think of that day. I sometimes wonder why you didn't run SCREAMING for the hills. Seriously though, it was the BEST THING that could have happened to me. I can't tell you how many times I have thanked God for you. Too many to count. You have changed me. You have made me better. I don't know what the future holds for us but I know that whatever this world throws at us we will be just fine. We have already proven that. I love you - even more so now than on the day I said "I do."

Heath had to work on our anniversary - but he managed to sneak away for a few hours in the morning and we took the kids to the Radio Disney Premier of HSM3. We will be celebrating next weekend - not sure what we are doing - it is going to be a surprise

and yes i realize this is an old photo but I didn't have one scanned in from our wedding day and just happened upon this one in which I am much thinner ;) Just remember it is my blog so I can post which ever pictures I choose LOL!!! ;) :P

Monday, October 20, 2008


Spent a little time in Caddo Mills last week. We had a blast! From the Friday night football game to the wienie roast and smores.... it was all GOOD TIMES. Thanks Chris and Misty for sheltering us, we miss you guys already.

Hopefully I will download some pictures sometime this week -- I am so behind on editing I don't know if I will ever get caught up.

Things are definitely up in the air for our family right now. Praying for direction and discernment.

On the college front - I made it through midterms - BARELY the skin of my teeth -- Praying I won't have to retake my Chemistry class (I have to get an A or B in that class and I am definitely pushing it) ;)

As much as we have going on I can't help but look at it all in amazement ....We are so blessed ..... not so much with money or material things but where it counts we have more than our share.

Feeling all lovey dovey and mushy today --- My husband and kids are just so freakin awesome!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

update: dr apt

went to the dr. last week and after a few weeks of steroids the nodule has gone down. Can't say it reduced the size of my tush at all.....but those are the breaks. The dr. is just going to keep an eye on it and I have an ultrasound scheduled for mid Nov. so we will follow up on it again then. The Pain has definitely decreased and I am so thankful. I wasn't accomplishing much with 3+ migranes a week.

Thank you all for your prayers. The next big day for me will be in Nov. where they will take a look to check for reoccuring cancer cells. So, if you are a prayer warrior please add that to your list, my family and I would greatly appreciate it.

promise to be back soon with more upbeat posts :)

Monday, October 06, 2008

Happy Birthday TSR

This month is TSR's 4th Anniversary. We are CELEBRATING with lots of fun games and prizes...... so what do you need to do to win some scrapping goodies???

It is simple. Head on over to our NEW SCRAP-ROOM BLOG and play along. Super easy, right? So what are you waiting for .....hurry run on over!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sept 25th

just realized I haven't posted in a while
not a lot going on the kids were sick last week
Noah had strep and I guess Makenna had some little stomach bug

I haven't been feeling well for a couple of weeks my neck was tender and honestly I just thought my lymph nodes were a little swollen - maybe I was trying to come down with something -- and with the hours I have been keeping trying to stay on top of all of my school work it would make sense that it would all contribute to my immune system being compromised.

Anyway two weeks later my neck still hurts and I have been getting a lot of headaches as well - so I decided to go to the dr. today maybe she would put me on some antibiotics or something?

She found a nodule :(

Could be nothing at all - she gave me some meds and we are going to look at it again next week to see if it has gone down - if not I will go to an ENT and have it biopsied - she debated on sending me on over there but I REALLY HATED those biopsies so I would rather wait a week and see - I am praying there is no need for it

in good news though - my mom is coming to visit tomorrow - she had her birthday on Monday so this will be a little belated b-day celebration. Should be fun. The kids will be in school so I will have her all to myself :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kim- we love you and will miss you

On the way to take the kids to school this morning I heard a song on the radio by Jeremy Camp titled There will be a Day. I couldn't help but think of Kim and her entire family. I pray that God will bring them peace and be with them during this time of sorrow.

I wanted to add the song or a video but I couldn't figure it out so here is a link for now

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sad day today

So hurricane Ike made it's way through Houston. Most everyone we know evacuated except for a handful. The power is still out in the area where our house is and the schools are closed until at least Thurs. of next week. They are estimating that the power will be out for 2 to 4 weeks. Our prayers go out to all those that this massive hurricane has effected.

As scary as the hurricane was, it isn't the cause of our saddness today. We found out after church that Kim (my husbands cousin) passed away in her sleep today. She was so young, only 31, just a few years older than we are. She left behind a little boy who is 5. She will be greatly missed. We love you Kim.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

it's been ONE YEAR

It has been one year

It doesn't seem like it has been that long. 1 year is a long time ..... it feels more like a few months ... 6 tops. I am sure this has a lot to do with my current health stuff. Still not up to par. Still having my medicine switched up a lot, and everytime they change it I end up feeling like I was hit by a MAC TRUCK for a good 2 weeks if not longer. I guess I thought I would be back to "normal" by now. Even though I am not there yet I am excited by the fact that I am still cancer free - haven't had any reoccurances. Such a blessing!

When I think about all that we went through with the cancer stuff. I am reminded that no matter what - GOD will PROVIDE - it doesn't always come in the package you expected - people you thought you could count on aren't always there - but GOD works it out - and it was so amazing to have friends who stepped in and helped us out - I never would have imagined that they would be willing to do so much

I am still amazed when I set back and think about it.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Guest Designer for The Scrap-Room

a few more creations to share. See post below for more info.

Guest Designer for The Scrap-Room

I am super stoked to have been asked to be the guest designer for TSR this month. It was so fun getting to work with all the fun kits. Here are some of my creations. Also you can go here to see all of the Design Team Creations.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Most of you who know me, know that I have a very eclectic taste in music. One minute I am rockin' out to Kutless and the next I may be bobbin my head to Mary J. Blige -- the latter is the case right now

I love her song JUST FINE
It is so positive and uplifting
I can't help but feel so grateful for my life everytime I hear it
seems crazy because it isn't a worship song ... it isn't even a christian song
I guess that just shows that you can get what you want out of music (and life)
you can choose to focus on the POSITIVE -- or the negative

I don't have it all figured out ...... my life isn't perfect....... the death of my son ..... my battle with cancer.... and the fact that the chance of reoccurence is so high ..... the struggles I am having with weight and just general health issues ....... just everyday trials and struggles can sometimes hang over my head like a dark cloud but every time I hear this song I am reminded that I have to appreciate this wonderful life I have. God has blessed me TREMENDOUSLY. And everything I have made it through is only because of HIM and HIS GLORY.

So here is to smiling and praising God .....whether in rain or sunshine.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I had the pleasure of attending this convention with a good friend. We had a great time and scored some awesome product, all the while trying to keep our ice cream (free skinny cow) out of sight from a certain someone. FUN STUFF!

College wk 1

i survived the first week and even pulled some pretty stellar grades on my first quizzes (89, 100, 98) who00000 hooooooo ! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

I will say though that it is actually A LOT of work and though i haven't managed to get more than 4-5 hours per sleep each night - I am so blessed to finally be in a place in my life to be accomplishing some of my dreams.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

SIStv - shameless plug :)

Ok - I am not ashamed to admit -- I am not above "plugging" for a chance to WIN
that is write SIStv is having a give away but in order to win you have to advertise --
pretty smart marketing strategy if you ask me
I think this kit is SUPER COOL -- I can't wait to get it -in all of it's glory- into my little hands
From the Tim Holtz numbers to the Maya Road clear ribbon - It is FABULOUS - who wouldn't want to win. This kit is Available For PreOrder Until 8.24.08 at and if you spend $50 you can Get A $10 Gift Card! Isn't that Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First day of actual college classes

ok so this is the second time around for me but it has been so so so long ago --
I have to admit I was so nervous -- I felt like I was going to throw up -- was I wearing something COOL enough ....... is cool still a good word to use???? Was I going to be the oldest person in the class.

So once I arrived I realized there really wasn't anything to be nervous about ..... it was pretty much the same as I had left it over nine years ago. And in all honesty i was probably a little OVER DRESSED -- considering many of my peers were in short shorts and flipflops. But most importantly NO i wasn't the oldest person in the class.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Poor GUY -- tooth woes

Today the 3rd day of school (about 10:30ish) Heath got a call from the school nurse saying that Noah broke part of his tooth off in PE class- and did we want to come and pick him up -- I asked to speak to Noah and I could tell he was trying not to cry so I asked "Do you want me to come get you" so he could just say yes or no - with out having to sound like a baby in front of the nurse and other students in the office. He is starting to be concerned about those things. Anyway he said yes and Heath went after him - while I phoned the dentist. The dentist said to put the piece of tooth in milk and bring him in immediately. Heath brought Noah to me and I drove him to the dentist -- Poor Guy -- It was a HUGE chunk of his tooth - i would say almost half of it was gone -- (well not gone but in the cup with milk) I can't even believe the nurse even gave us the option of letting him stay at school - it almost seemed as if she was just letting us know what happened and was going to send him back to class. CRAZY!

So at the dentist they did x-rays to see if the nerve was exposed. It looked kind of iffy the dentist was showing me the images so that I knew what he was talking about -- Noah was saying it didn't hurt but when the dentist went to touch the tooth he flinched -- anyway the dentist said it looked a little fleshy but he wasn't sure if the nerve was exposed or not so he just bonded it all back together and we will just have to watch him -- The dentist said there is about a 50/50 chance of having to have a root canal ----- OUCH --

so my poor little guy is camping out with me today
and I will never look at a glass of milk the same again

Thursday, August 14, 2008

1st Day of School

Today was the kids first day of school
a BRAND NEW school -- it is actually still being finished
the playground isn't finished and either is the cafeteria
it didn't seem to bother them - they had a great day

I will say I was worried when I found out that they were
being transferred to the new school -- after all they had only
been at the previous school for the end of the school year (April-May)

Thankfully they seem to be making new friends and getting along
just fine. Kids are so resilient. I am so grateful.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Saturday, August 09, 2008

busy busy busy

seems like it has been a little while since i last posted

lots going on here

we had a very sick nephew - he is home now and doing much better

the kids came home a little earlier than expected -- I was thrilled to have them home - lots of fun

we have already purchased all their school supplies - still need a few clothing items but they have enough to get started

The kids and I both will be returning to school in the next week -- I am so ExCiTed -- I put my college on hold when we had our second child and that was over 8 years ago -- so i have waited patiently for so long -- NOW IS THE TIME -- it is going to be a little tough financially -- I have had to scale back on working (only going to be working one weekend a month) so that will be less income coming in and more money going out for tuition ---- But I am tired of waiting for the "perfect" time to go - this is my dream - I don't know if the conditions would ever be PERFECT. ya know what I mean???

so exciting stuff around the bend!!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bloggin from KS

so here i am - at E's - having a blast - scrapping - participating in the online crop at GOOD TIMES i tell ya
my last hooray of the summer
my kiddos are finally returning next weekend
and I have decided to NEVER let them leave my sight AGAIN
I intend to smoother them in hugs and kisses as they try their best to squirm out of my death grip.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Finally getting around to posting some pics of my little niece. Who is doing FABULOUS by the way - today she was moved to the isolete and tomorrow my brother is supposed to get to hold her for the first time. She is such a little miracle.
  • My brother was talking to her and she was smiling in her sleep
  • This one is so you can see how tiny she is compared to my brothers hand
  • Sleeping so sweetly
  • Her Birthday 7/15/08

Friday, July 18, 2008

Where did the month go

looks like i have been slacking on my blog again.....
The kids are still at the in-laws and I have been filling my days with loads of fun.
I have read 2 whole books (almost anyway still have about 30 pages on the 2nd one)

and I have been working on the bible study I received from a dear friend. I work on it diligently for a few weeks then set it aside then I go back to it only to start from the very beginning again. So needless to say I haven't made it very far but each time I REread it I am learning more. Thanks Ash..

I have of course been working A TON -- even had some overtime on a few paychecks

Went to the college and enrolled in school.... shortly after i UNenrolled (is that even a word? who knows?) Heath and I decided I will start back to school next semester in January. I can't wait!!! I feel like I have waited my whole life to become a nurse. Well in all honesty I had hoped to become a pediatrician but then I married and had kids. Nursing suits me better anyhow ;)

We went to Houston to visit the kiddos last week -- they are so tan .... they look like cooked pinto beans. I got a huge chuckle out of it. They are both swimming so well now. They could swim before but they now have a confidence about them.

Unfortunately on the first day of our visit we found out that Heath's cousin Shirley passed away. She was a wonderful woman. We stayed with her and her husband when we first moved to Texas. I can't tell you the number of nights we stayed up talking -- watching 7th Heaven reruns -- and just sharing our lives with each other. She was there for me before she even knew who I was, at the wreck. I am so thankful I took the time to tell her how much that meant to me .... How much she meant to me ... She was the most loving, caring, giving, and godly woman I have ever met. She will be missed greatly but I know we will meet again.

The day after we arrived home from Houston Johnny and Crissee had their baby. A little girl born at 30 weeks gestation. She is so tiny only 2lbs and 2oz and 15 inches long. I was able to see her in the NICU. I will add pictures when i finally get them off of my camera ;)

so that is a quick outline
what have YOU been up to this summer

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Note to my kiddos

First let me say I miss you guys SO MUCH!!

You will be happy to know that I haven't cried in 2 days.

Don't laugh, that is a huge accomplishment.

I hope you are having a lot of fun with Grandmommy and Grandad.

Have fun at Vacation Bible School this week -- soak up all the Jesus you can - and be sure to call me as soon as it is over everyday so you can tell me all about it.

love you bunches

Another layout

My Weakness - Jim Halpert - The Officefrom
September to May every Thursday at 8pm
journaling reads: it's true... I [heart] Jim Halpert from NBC's show The Office. But don't worry it doesn't bother my husband at all because he doesn't BELIEVE in Jim - he says he is NOT A REAL PERSON - but I know different.
Supplies used
BazzillBasic Grey
Kaiser Craft
Post it
Colorbox Ink
Making Memories tiny alphas
Sticko stickers
various office supplies
piece of cardboard

Monday, June 09, 2008

Bella Bella Dancerella

Journaling reads: Makenna - Your first dance class and you look like a pro. Even Ms. Carol asked me where you were taking lessons. She was taken back when I said this was your first time except for your bella bella dancerella DVD
all product are My Mind's Eye and I through in some Bazzill Bling

did someone put a hit out on me

ok so Walgreen's tried to kill me ;P
Wrong Rx dosage
and they don't even have the right dosage
it is aparently backordered
nevermind that I waited almost a whole week
for them to feel this Rx INCORRECTLY

ok that is the end of my rant - I feel better :)
please resume your regular programming

Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's A New Day

entry for Create My Keepsakes - Last Scrapper Standing Challenge - FUN!

this layout represents the trials our family faced this past year

-- I found great comfort in the song that I quoted lyrics from -- Thanks for looking :)

Journaling Reads: Photo taken 5-07 Journaling 6/08 This past year was the roughest one we have faced together. My Surgery and Cancer - You getting an new promotion and relocating in the middle of my treatment. My Radiation -- Trying to sell our house. Moving in with friends in Oklahoma just so we no longer had to be over 500 miles apart. Moving into a tiny apartment. Struggling to make two house payments - Body Scans - Bloodwork - follow up Dr. appointments.

But we made it through it all and we are stronger than ever.

[Song lyrics] "the world keeps spinning round - yesterday's gone and today is waiting on you to show your face. It might not be the prettiest thing that you'll ever see. But it's a new day. And it might not look like a beautiful sunrise but it's a new day.... Me and You in love and everythings alright. Standing in the rain w/ no where to go. Laughing and we're spinning and I hope that you REMEMBER this day for the rest of your live. ME & YOU in LOVE - everythings gonna be alright. And it just might be the prettiest thing that you'll ever see. It's A NEW DAY."

[robbie seay band]

I lifted elements from 2 of Kate O'Brien's Layouts
Just Go with It:


the Thicker Title

used patterned paper to anchor the photo

Journaled about life


the tab on the photo

used ONE photo

Bazzill Cardstock

Making Memories Noteworthy Patterned Paper

black and Chestnut Roan Chalk Ink

Hambly birds in cage rubon

October Afternoon brown heart rub on and You & Me Rubon

Felt Thickers

Brown Paper Flower from Prima

Felt and vinyl flower from MM

Journaling tab by MM {journaling is hidden under photo}

Misc. Silver "Love" tab

Circular polka dot clip from MM

Bracket's on title came from an embellie swap

Monday, June 02, 2008

puppy love

So Gracie's puppies are 6 weeks old -- you know what that means -- time to find them new homes. :(

I must admit, if we weren't currently in an apartment

(you don't know anyone who wants to buy a house in houston do ya?)

we would have kept at least one of them.

So here is some puppy cuteness to brighten your day!