Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finally... heard from the dr. today

they finally received the full report - the doctor reviewed it in it's entirety and called me
The doc thinks that what showed up on the scan may be my throat or more precisely the saliva in it. He wants to do an ultrasound to be sure, but because my tumor markers are low (thyroglobulin levels) he is leaning toward that. Thank you so much for your prayers.

In other news it looks like we will soon be relocating to Little Rock, AR.
We are still waiting to find out the specific relocation package we will be receiving but as long as it is similar to what we have received in the past it will be all systems go.

Heath scored some tickets to see the Jason Mraz concert last night. It was amazing and I must say the Plain White T's also rocked the house. We had a great time thanks to some friends of ours who were willing to keep our kiddos. It was the second time Heath and I have gone out on a "date" since moving here in 2007. Really fun night!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

just wanted to say

Just wanted to say that I am in a much better place today.
No more gloom and doom.
I think this stuff is always scary for me but when I look at the big picture, really, what is there to be afraid of. This can only go down a few different ways.

A. it is a growth of cells that we just need to watch closely
B. it is a growth of cells that we want to eliminate via more radiation
C. it is a growth of cells that require both surgery and radiation
D. it is a growth of cells that may require surgery, radiation, and chemo (or any combo of these)

The good news is, this isn't my first rodeo. And as crazy as that sounds it does make this less scary, for me at least. I haven't said anything to the kids yet and I probably won't until I have more info. Hopefully my doctor will have the full report (scans and write-up) on Monday. At this point we are just waiting on 1 doctor.

fingers crossed for option A

Friday, April 24, 2009


So I broke down and called the dr's office late this morning
only to have to leave a message of course

and when my phone call was returned it seemed that I would
soon wish I would have never called at all.

Apparently I had some abnormal results but because they didn't
have the full report yet I am not any closer to knowing what that means
Is it BAD, REALLY BAD, or just something we need to watch?

My dr's office was very kind and understanding and apologized that they didn't have a full answer, assuring me as soon as the info gets to them they will call me immediately. They also put in a call to the dr. who was supposed to read the scan at the hospital but she doubted they would hear back today.

All of this should make me feel better but ....

So I made my hubby take me to Chipotle to lunch and I hit up a few garage sales then to top it off I treated myself to a pedicure. I'm feeling better ;)

Thanks for your prayers

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Turn of Events

Today in an odd turn of events
it seems hubby was offered the
same position he applied for, only in another state.


did I mention it was over 6 hours away from where
we live now..... and not anywhere closer to Houston

darn decisions

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shock and Awe

So we did get some news tonight

Not mine but my husbands

Sadly he didn't get the job he applied for

I feel horrible

I can't change the outcome

and I have no control

It seemed as though he was a shoe in but I guess it just
wasn't meant to be.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Waiting (im)patiently

Just wanted to pop in and say I am still here...waiting impatiently
This week is just a week of waiting I guess.
Me waiting to hear about the cancer stuff.
And Heath had a interview for a job last week that would give him some more freedom and a raise. He was told he would hear something on or before Friday. This will determine if we stay in this city or if we continue to push forward with heading further south.

Exciting times!!!!

Have I said how d*mn impatient I am.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Scan Day

Today marked the end of a week and a half of appointments. :) I had my Whole Body Scan today, but it will be next week before I get the results. The hospital here has only one doctor who reads these scans so hopefully it won't take too long. The waiting is always the hardest for me. I am not the most patient person. The technician did let me see the scans and there was some radio iodine accumulation in my thyroid bed, as well as my bladder and colon. Since I no longer have a thyroid I am not sure if there is supposed to be accumulation in the thyroid bed but I do know that having it present in the bladder and colon is normal. I will update when I know more.
Thanks for all of your prayers.
God Bless

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Radioactive once again

So this morning, after getting the kids to school, I had a couple of appointments. The first was somewhat of a surprise. I had some blood work to check my thyroglobulin levels. It was really funny because I looked at the tech and said "I don't think I am supposed to be getting my blood drawn", to which he replied "ummm well ma'am that's what it says here"
at this point what is one more stick gonna matter ;)

Then it was on to the Nuclear Medicine department where I was privileged to meet and visit with 2 other families. Families who were there for cancer testing as well. I was able to meet a young boy. I listened as he complained of his IV, asking his mother if they could take it out now or if he had to have it in all day. I listened as his mother tried to make him comfortable. Before long we struck up a conversation on the usual hospital talk, how extremely cold they kept it and how we wished we had brought in jackets. They were there to find out if he had cancer. A boy no older than my own 10 year old son. A sweet and funny boy who told me how he loved his surprise baby sister even though they were 8 years apart. How is 13 year old sister wasn't as thrilled with the announcement of a new sibling. How he looks out for his little sister, and funny stories of his corgi who can catch a baseball. A boy I won't soon forget and a boy I plan to spend some serious time on my knees in prayer for. I encourage you to pray for him too.

There is such a strange bond between people who have experienced this monstrosity and even those who have come so close to the edge of it. It can't be explained in words. Sometimes it is a look - sometimes in words shared - but most importantly it is the strength we draw from one another. I don't know how to describe it but every person that I have met either online or in person who has faced cancer has given me something, a piece of them. Something that tells me over and over that no matter how much I want to shove this cancer thing in the closet forget about it and pretend it never happened, that I can't, that I shouldn't. That I have to go to these appointments, I have to do everything in my power to make sure this doesn't come back. And if one day it does come back we will catch it early, because of these tests.

That being said I found it so ironic today that I voluntarily ingested a radioactive pill that had to be encased in a protective lead container as it traveled across the country to protect others. hmmmmm....... ok I had to get my funny in

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Injection Two

Yesterday was injection #2
much less side effects - a little nausea
and a monster of a headache but other
than that all was good.

Whooo hoo!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

injection day one

Today started as most, getting up, getting the kids ready for school, fed, and out the door.

But then I made my way to the doctor's office for the first injection. My week is filled with appointments. Injections on Monday and Tuesday. Ingest radiation on Wednesday. Then a Whole Body Scan (WBS) on Friday.

I have had these injections only once before and had only mild side effects (headaches with some tiredness). This time around it doesn't seem like I will have it as easy. My injection was at 9am and before noon I had some nausea, by 3 it was dizzyness, mild headache, nausea. I layed down from about 4-6. Then tonight it was full on vomitting - out the mouth and nose to the point of micturition. There were moments I was wondering when I would get my next breath. Disgusting I know but it is the raw/unedited truth.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow's injection comes with fewer side effects.
Now to try to muster up some energy to get a little bit of school work done. If not I may just go to bed.

getting real

let me preface this by saying - Most days I am so thankful - I have been blessed beyond measure. However - last week was particularly difficult and I wrote this post which I thought about deleting, but then realized it is important that we admit to ourselves and to each other that we don't always feel the way we want to or the way we feel we should. These are my feelings and this is my blog it is about time they were reintroduced....

I don't know what it is lately. I just haven't felt like myself. I like to analyze and make excuses like, "Well, it could be PMS" or "I am just stressed out because of school". But in reality I think it has more to do with the fact that I am about to go through another round of testing. Testing to see if the cancer has returned. I don't really understand why these tests that are designed to save my life (early detection) can trigger these feelings. I think it is mainly fear. Fear in something that is out of my control. I feel frustrated because something that I didn't want - something I never asked for still has such a hold on my life. It dictates that I take pills for the rest of my life at the same time each day. It dictates never ending doctor appointments that leave me with statistics that may be good for "cancer patients" but don't really feel good for ME. It leaves me feeling angry, and then in full circle fashion I feel disappointed in myself for having these feelings because so many others have it so much worse.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


a boring narrative to follow:

This was our week to volunteer in the Nursery at church and since we were going out of town we switched to the early service. This meant we had to get up SUPER EARLY to get everyone ready and out the door.

After Church we had to stop by the house to let Gracie out and then we were on the road.

About 2 hours later we met 2 of my 3 younger brothers, my niece, and my parents at Pizza Inn were we had our Easter dinner buffet style.

Visted friends while my parents took the kids to get presents for Noah's birthday and something for Makenna as well.

Drove to my parents house were I was able to meet my newest niece (she is about 2.5 wks old) Honor Marie. Photo still to come.

Headed back home stopped at Taco Mayo and Dairy Queen

Didn't take one single photo of my kids this Easter- weird - totally didn't feel like Easter and the weather was nasty - cold and rainy

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

preggers?!? are you kidding

Imagine my surprise when I recieve a phone call from my doctors office saying they need me to go in for a pregnancy test on Thursday. Here is how it went:

Me: What?? Are you sure because there is NO WAY I could be pregnant. That door has been closed for quite some time.
She: Have you been surgically sterilized?
Me: Well "I" haven't but..... and then there are those darn pills the doctor has prescribed to help level out my hormones.
She: I am sorry Mrs. Samples but we are required to have you take the test before we administer radiation. Radiation can cause severe birth defects and even death in a fetus.
Me: Well that make sense.

guess what --- I took the test and I am NOT pregnant
not to mention the amount of radiation I have had has probably shriveled my eggs to where they now resemble raisins anyway

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Spring Break Recap (Part 2)

So I must say that I had a wonderful nights sleep at the Hilton Hill Country Hotel Spa. The bed was one of the most comfy beds I have ever slept in. We purchased a Sea World package with the hotel that included breakfast. I was thinking it would be something like bagels, donuts, and cereal. I was WRONG and it was delicious. It was a buffet with anything you could have dreamed for breakfast. YUMM-O

We were off to Sea World from there. It took us 1 hour to get there and we were only1.1 miles away. That should have been our first clue but we were just excited to be taking the kids for the first time. It was a complete mad house once we arrived. Apparently it had rained the 3 days prior to our arrival so everyone had came on the same day. To say we were disappointed would be an understatement. Noah was in his wheelchair and was bumped/leaned on/ and practically ran over the majority of the day. I could tell he was frustrated so we are hoping to try it again when he is no longer handicapped. It was pretty sad ... we even had people crowding us in the handicapped seating section (people who were not handicapped and were not with someone who was - they just arrived to the show late and didn't have seats) My mother in-law even had some grown man yelling at her. The worst part is that there wasn't staff anywhere to be found. Totally had me wanting to yell SECURITY like Bon Qui Qui. If you haven't seen it click this link. It is hilarious!!!

The kids loved the shows. We saw Viva.

Believe (the Shamu show).

The Cannery Caper (this was the kids favorite)
Makenna and Heath rode the following rides
Steel Eel

Journey to Atlantis

After our day at Sea World we were on the road back to Houston and arrived around 1a.m. We were exhausted.

Tuesday afternoon we spent with the Railey's (some of our bestest friends) enjoyed some turkey burgers and that evening we headed to Melissa's (heath's sister)for a sleep over.

Wednesday Melissa made yummy waffles for breakfast and we spent hanging out with Melissa and the kids - Heath went to the golf course with Cris for a bit.

Thursday we had a play date with Molly and family (Konrad and Levi too). It was so great to catch up. The kids got to play with one of Levi's bunnies. It was so cute.That evening Heath and I went back over to the Railey's and we had a Game Night. The Richert's came over too. It was a blast.

Friday morning I had breakfast with Tonya and her daughter at Panera. For lunch we ate out at my FAV restaurant in Houston, LUPE TORTILLA. Their margaritas are seriously the best I have ever had and the beef fajitas melt in your mouth like candy. Saturday was our last day in Houston. Melissa and the kids came over to play during the day and that night we went to Melissa's for dinner and one final hoo-raw. I think we all had tears in our eyes when we left. I miss the kids being able to spend time with their cousins and I know they miss it to. Thankfully summer vacation is right around the corner.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Spring Break Recap (part 1)

We started our trip out with the LONG drive to Houston. It rained the majority of the trip. We did stop outside of Dallas to have lunch with Wendy at Olive Garden. Since she is preggers we let her pick the eating establishment. I didn't get any pics of our lunch we were too busy visiting and eating, but let's just say she is quite possibly the cutest little preggo person I have ever seen.

We ended up arriving in Houston just in time for dinner. Melissa and the kiddos where at Ken and Drema's to meet us and the PAR-TA had officially begun. The kids had a great time. Heath hooked up the Wii for them and they had a blast playing American Idol.
Saturday we hung out. Makenna, Drema, and I went and got mani/pedis and around dinner time we began a game of Monopoly that lasted until about 1:30 am when I finally gave up and surrendered to Drema and all her da-gum hotels ;)Sunday we were up bright and early to begin the drive to San Antonio. We had a yummy breakfast about half way there at this lovely place.
I plan to photoshop these people out of the photo at some point just haven't yet. Upon arrival we headed toward the ALAMO and after a small fortune in parking fees we started walking (Noah of course was in his wheelchair) The place was packed and when we realized we wouldn't be able to maneuver Noah and his chair inside with all the people we decided to just tour the grounds and take in the scenery.

Then it was up toward the Market for us. I loved that you could just walk everywhere. The architecture was beautiful.

Some shopping

Early dinner at Mi Tierra

A little of the Riverwalk (wasn't really wheelchair friendly)

Off to the hotel

Making smores in the hotel firepits

I am having some blogger trouble getting photos uploaded so tomorrow I will update with our adventures at Sea World and the rest of our vacation.