Friday, April 03, 2009

Spring Break Recap (part 1)

We started our trip out with the LONG drive to Houston. It rained the majority of the trip. We did stop outside of Dallas to have lunch with Wendy at Olive Garden. Since she is preggers we let her pick the eating establishment. I didn't get any pics of our lunch we were too busy visiting and eating, but let's just say she is quite possibly the cutest little preggo person I have ever seen.

We ended up arriving in Houston just in time for dinner. Melissa and the kiddos where at Ken and Drema's to meet us and the PAR-TA had officially begun. The kids had a great time. Heath hooked up the Wii for them and they had a blast playing American Idol.
Saturday we hung out. Makenna, Drema, and I went and got mani/pedis and around dinner time we began a game of Monopoly that lasted until about 1:30 am when I finally gave up and surrendered to Drema and all her da-gum hotels ;)Sunday we were up bright and early to begin the drive to San Antonio. We had a yummy breakfast about half way there at this lovely place.
I plan to photoshop these people out of the photo at some point just haven't yet. Upon arrival we headed toward the ALAMO and after a small fortune in parking fees we started walking (Noah of course was in his wheelchair) The place was packed and when we realized we wouldn't be able to maneuver Noah and his chair inside with all the people we decided to just tour the grounds and take in the scenery.

Then it was up toward the Market for us. I loved that you could just walk everywhere. The architecture was beautiful.

Some shopping

Early dinner at Mi Tierra

A little of the Riverwalk (wasn't really wheelchair friendly)

Off to the hotel

Making smores in the hotel firepits

I am having some blogger trouble getting photos uploaded so tomorrow I will update with our adventures at Sea World and the rest of our vacation.


Aphra said...

Your pictures are amazing...especially the architectural ones. LOVE,love San Antonio. We went there on our honeymoon. This post makes me want to go back.

Angela W said...

Looks and sounds great! I went to the Riverwalk in '94. I am sure some things have changed since then! Can't wait to see and hear more!

Susan said...

Looks like a fun time!