Saturday, September 30, 2006


tonight at LUBY'S
i offered my daughter some fried OKRA - because she
said her "green beans tasted funny" - which really meant
that she didn't want them because she was eyeing her
strawberry cheese cake - :D

any way -- she said "No thanks, Mom, I don't like Oprah"
and the funny thing is that she really thinks that it is called OPRAH
I think I see a OKRA scrapbook page in my future ;)

as for Noah - well he has learned to ride a bike ---
STOPPING and TURNING are another story ;) -- he hasn't gotten
those down yet -- to stop he slows down and just bails off the bike altogether and when he turns he doesn't always keep pedaling -- so the bike slows down and just sort of tumps over -- he is so cute though and just so EXCITED -- Heath has worked with him 2 different times for about 30-60 minutes each time -- I really thought it would take longer for him to get the balance thing down - but it just goes to show HE can do all things through CHRIST --- SO STOKED for him -- this is a really big deal for a little boy - any little boy - but I think it may be just a little more important to my little boy - a boy who happens to have Tourette Syndrome - So CONGRATULATIONS to you, NOAH, my dear sweet boy - and not to worry - you will soon learn to STOP and TURN the bike too -- I just KNOW it


My Super Artsy friend ASHLEE won the first Challenge on the Autumn Leaves ColorBlog

here is the link to view her awesome Layout

Monday, September 25, 2006

Season of Change

Today the air was cooler
and it was so refreshing
Heath and I enjoyed a one
mile walk together after the
kids went to school
Just walking and talking
and sharing

I opened the windows today
and let in the delicious fresh
air - it was so cool and uplifting

The breeze was gentle and
all day I witnessed God's
CREATIVITY -- from the
leaves on the tree in
Mr. Tuckers yard that
are turning a VIVACIOUS
morning glories that continue
to grow in my front flower bed
no matter how many times i pull
out the vine (not sure why i keep fighting
them) ;) It has been a BEAUTIFUL DAY

I am really feeling a sense of change - and
i don't mean just the change of SEASONS
from SUMMER to FALL but more like
I am in a SEASON of CHANGE

things are really different now that
we moved back
Not BAD different - just different

I think I imagined we would just pick up
were we left off but i am finding that that
isn't what GOD has planned --

Even our old Small Group at church
has disbanned and everyone is joining
OTHER groups (we were in this group
since 2001 so it seems really
weird right now)

I am also finding myself missing
my MOPS group as well (mothers of preschoolers)
but now that Noah and Makenna are both in school
I don't really FIT anymore -- ;) and since we aren't
having anymore children - well, you can see
where i am going with this -- ;)

I really feel like I am on the edge of something
- not sure what it is but I feel like GOD is
preparing me for something - PREPARING
excited to see what HE unfolds - HE never
ceases to AMAZE me --

"Behold, I tell you a mystery; we shall not all
sleep, but we shall all BE CHANGED..."
1 Corinthians 15:51

BLESSINGS to you all

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Momma

Happy Birthday Momma
I love you so much !!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Magic Mommy Wand

now that Makenna is SICK -
i am starting to think we have some
serious STREP COOTIES in the house

makenna got sick on Monday night and was vomitting every few hours during the night - i thought it was some sort of stomach virus but she couldn't keep anything down on tuesday - so i called her doctor's office and left a message for a nurse to call me - when they finally called me back 6 hours later (6:00 p.m.) the nurse said to bring her in because some of the other kids with strep have been vomitting as well- she had a doctor apt today -- SHE HAS STREP TOO -- she seemed to be feeling better and even ate a little today around 3 (she wouldn't eat dinner though) - but then tonight she started vomitting again -- i felt so bad for her - i am sure you moms know how hard it is when one of your children are sick -- they cry and beg and plead for you to fix it - to make them better - Makenna was crying saying "Mommy what will make it stop? I don't want throw up to come out of my nose - it hurts" --- I REALLY wished i could WAVE my "magic mommy wand" and take it all away -- so tonight i am thinking -- I REALLY NEED THAT FREAKIN' WAND -- if any of you know where we sign up to receive one -- let me know would ya

Monday, September 18, 2006

Noah LO

this is a picture of Noah
isn't he ADORABLE
i used the GO FISH kit
that came in this months
TSR shipment

Sleeping Beauty LO

pic is of Makenna

Freestyle Flowers

this is of Makenna on her 6th Birthday --
Layout was inspired by one done
( she ROCKS!)

Pretty Is LO

did this layout for an ALI EDWARDS CHALLENGE on TSR

Sweet Slumber LO

Heath and Makenna

did this for an ELSIE challenge #5 (Embellish a Floral Accent) on TSR -


Ok so after another trip to the doctor I found out that I must have some sort of SUPER strep VIRUS -- because the last round of antibiotics didn't kill it -- so now another prescription $$$ and co-pay later $$$ - maybe i can finally KICK this thing --

But on a positive note - my mother in-law made us some killer chicken and dumplings with corn bread -- YUM YUM

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday's Thoughts

STREP THROAT is kicking my butt

-- found out i had strep throat yesterday and am now missing my second day of work - I HATE MISSING WORK -

then while Heath was cooking dinner last night (he did this cause i was sick) the oven CAUGHT ON FIRE -- (we think it was just from grease or something) anyway - i realized we didn't have a fire extinguisher - GO OUT AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A COUPLE OF THESE - so Heath ran next door for an extinguisher and i took the kids outside - heath was able to put the fire out - my son was FREAKING out - dd was just wanting to know when the FIRE TRUCK was coming - anyway black smoke was everywhere - (it is a good thing we have two sets of french doors in the family room -which is connected to the kitchen) we just opened the doors - turned on some fans and watched as the smoke and dust from the fire extinguisher billowed out of the house --- Anyway the kids went to my in-laws house and we began CLEANING - which took about 4 hours - so the kids came home and took a bath and were in bed at 9 their usual bedtime is 8 at the latest - so lets just say we had a hard time getting them off to school today -

so today i think i feel worse than YESTERDAY - and had a fever AGAIN this morning

and on top of all of that i am so stressed about money lately -- YUCK -- i wish we could go back to BARTERING

ok i am through whining -- thanks for listening

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I really dislike being sick
FEVER / headache / Sore throat
and just feeling YUCKY

fever finally broke tonight at around 9:30pm -- feeling a little better - well, enough to check out a few blogs and TSR anyway -

Monday, September 11, 2006


I can't believe it has been five years.
today made me stop and think for a
while about several BIG DAYS in my
life - where i was - what i was doing

The Challenger - OKC Bombing -The
Car Accident that Claimed My Son's
Life - Princess Di's Death - Sept. 11 -

today i took a step - a step to regain
control over my weight -- I went to
a Weight Watchers meeting - and let
me just say the it wasn't anything like
what i had imagined - but then again
what i was imagining was something
like a boxing match where the announcer
says in a booming voice "IN THIS CORNER
lets just say i was TERRIFIED
but it was ok - and it really seems like something
HEALTHY that i can do - no more fad diets for
me - this is something that i could do forever

Curriculum Night -- Very happy that BOTH
of the kids teachers had nothing but PRAISES
for my kids -- THAT WAS AWESOME

Friday, September 08, 2006


i can't believe it has been a whole week since i blogged -- OMGoodness -- i have been such a BAD BLOGGER -- SHAME ON ME --- ;)

things of course have been busy - still trying to find me groove -- if you happen to see it running around - please send it home to me --

on a positive note -- LAUNDRY is almost CAUGHT UP -- Heath helped me out last night - he did a load of dishes and several loads of laundry -- What a GREAT husband i have -- LOVE that GUY -- he helps me out a ton -- i usually have to ask - because like most guys HE CAN'T SEE DIRT - so he doesn't just do something because it NEEDS to be done - but if i ask him for help he always lends a hand -- :D

also this weekend is the online crop at the scrap room -- - it is from 4pm - 12am - friday and saturday -- we have lots of "classes", challenges, and of course games and prizes -- My class has to do with FLOWERS and is tonight from 10-12 so stop in and say HI would ya -- ;)

Friday, September 01, 2006


I made it - it is finally FRIDAY --
today I have to clean the house and i
am hoping to clean the carpets - and
hopefully manage to FINISH the laundry
that i have been "working" on ALL WEEK
So now that i am adorned with my GRUBBY
after i blog of course ;)

Actually I don't really have much to say
but i will continue to ramble if it means
a few more minutes without having to
scrub toilets -- Do you ever find yourself
blogging for no apparent reason - without
anything SPECIAL to say - just to get out
of something that will still be waiting for you
once you publish the post you are working on-
If so, well, I guess we have something in common

2 cute things my kids said last night

Noah -- asked if he could have a WHOLE soda
and said that he once DRANK a whole soda at
grandmommy's house - and that is how he new
he was a REAL man - cause the TEST of a true
man is being able to drink a WHOLE CAN OF

Makenna - after opening a fortune cookie she asked
me to read the fortune - it said WELCOME CHANGE-
so what does my little girl do - she holds out her hand
and says - BRING ON THE MONEY -- (both kids just
started earning an allowance so she is all about money lately)

Hope you all have a SAFE and FUN holiday