Monday, September 25, 2006

Season of Change

Today the air was cooler
and it was so refreshing
Heath and I enjoyed a one
mile walk together after the
kids went to school
Just walking and talking
and sharing

I opened the windows today
and let in the delicious fresh
air - it was so cool and uplifting

The breeze was gentle and
all day I witnessed God's
CREATIVITY -- from the
leaves on the tree in
Mr. Tuckers yard that
are turning a VIVACIOUS
morning glories that continue
to grow in my front flower bed
no matter how many times i pull
out the vine (not sure why i keep fighting
them) ;) It has been a BEAUTIFUL DAY

I am really feeling a sense of change - and
i don't mean just the change of SEASONS
from SUMMER to FALL but more like
I am in a SEASON of CHANGE

things are really different now that
we moved back
Not BAD different - just different

I think I imagined we would just pick up
were we left off but i am finding that that
isn't what GOD has planned --

Even our old Small Group at church
has disbanned and everyone is joining
OTHER groups (we were in this group
since 2001 so it seems really
weird right now)

I am also finding myself missing
my MOPS group as well (mothers of preschoolers)
but now that Noah and Makenna are both in school
I don't really FIT anymore -- ;) and since we aren't
having anymore children - well, you can see
where i am going with this -- ;)

I really feel like I am on the edge of something
- not sure what it is but I feel like GOD is
preparing me for something - PREPARING
excited to see what HE unfolds - HE never
ceases to AMAZE me --

"Behold, I tell you a mystery; we shall not all
sleep, but we shall all BE CHANGED..."
1 Corinthians 15:51

BLESSINGS to you all

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