Monday, September 11, 2006


I can't believe it has been five years.
today made me stop and think for a
while about several BIG DAYS in my
life - where i was - what i was doing

The Challenger - OKC Bombing -The
Car Accident that Claimed My Son's
Life - Princess Di's Death - Sept. 11 -

today i took a step - a step to regain
control over my weight -- I went to
a Weight Watchers meeting - and let
me just say the it wasn't anything like
what i had imagined - but then again
what i was imagining was something
like a boxing match where the announcer
says in a booming voice "IN THIS CORNER
lets just say i was TERRIFIED
but it was ok - and it really seems like something
HEALTHY that i can do - no more fad diets for
me - this is something that i could do forever

Curriculum Night -- Very happy that BOTH
of the kids teachers had nothing but PRAISES
for my kids -- THAT WAS AWESOME


annette said...

Good for you! Going to WW isn't easy ...just facing that we need to go is tough. I too suffer from being over weight and it is a painful thing in my life. It is strange that yesterday I started to 'watch ' my calories...yes, in the past I have done this and yes, I can take off the pounds but always they come back on it is easy to feel defeated before I even begin. So perhaps the Lord is allowing us to sorta do it together ( hey, if you are like me you will grasp at any help you can get).... I know you can be an encouragment to have a great day and I will add you to my prayer list...

ashlee said...

ww is awesome, you get to eat real food yeah for you!!
okay why did i see elsie taught a class in houston and you didn't go??????