Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time Marches On

I intended to update the blog religiously during my holiday break, and by religiously I mean at least three times a week. Everyday seemed to slip by in the blink of an eye and now the end of the year is near.
"Where did it go" you ask.
"I haven't a clue."
I took my last test for the semester on Dec. 14th. Noah had his tonsils and adenoids removed on the 16th which resulted in what I like to refer to as "The Great Puke Fest of 2010" lasting over five days. Oh and I forgot to mention we got a new puppy, Zeus, on the 17th.
Really though I bring this chaos on myself. I should have flat out vetoed the whole puppy decision. I truly believe that my husband has some sort of magical power over me, you know like the Walt Disney type. He asks sweetly, bats those beautiful dark eyelashes, and I turn into mush. It is sickening really. And now while he is at work I am stuck cleaning up puppy puddles, feeding this thing 3-4 times a day, and of course taking him outside a zillion times a day.....rain, sleet, or shine.
I really should be spending my time working on the Mental Health Learning Activity that was assigned for us to do over the break, the 6 hours of Community Service, or the Mental Heath Teaching Plan. But then again, I have 10 more days until I have to be at school.
Isn't it "Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow" ;) ha ha
Oh and on a positive note, I ended the semester with straight A's!
P.S. Today's photo is brought to you because I need to be reminded that my kids love this puppy so as frustrating as he can be...........He is staying. ;)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another one bites the dust......

Finished my last test this morning (dosage calculations) and I am happy to report that I made a 100%. We are required to make a 90% or above, if not we have to enroll in an additional math class the following semester. So if you think about it I just saved my family some money.

After hours upon hours of studying, I ended up getting A's on all of my finals. My hard work definitely paid off this semester as it looks like I will either have all "A's" or A's and one "B". No matter which way it ends up I am a very thankful girl. This semester was exponentially harder than last semester and I struggled in Theory and made a HORRIBLE grade on the first test (fluid and electrolytes). I spent the remainder of the semester trying to make a comeback.

Another semester bites the dust and I am that much closer to graduation. Only two more semesters left. I can't believe it! Thank you so much for your continued support and daily encouragement.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Finals have begun

Part of me is so thankful the semester is coming to a close because it was a tough one and the other part of me seems to be turning my head back and forth because I am not sure how it zoomed by so quickly.

I had my last clinical day on Monday and turned in my 30 page Care Plan/Health History. As soon as I handed that over to my instructor I felt a huge weight being lifted. I had 2 different Clinical instructors (both for 5wks each), went to two different hospitals, and worked on 3 different floors this semester and I must say that both settings had a lot to offer. While I didn't enjoy having to figure out the in's and out's of two totally different hospitals it did show me that hospital settings can be very different. One with a plethora of alcohol preps and one with a scant supply ;)

On Tuesday we had our first final which was in Role I. I made it out with an excellent grade of 96%. But to be fair the test was mostly over Communication/Ethics/Legal. The black and white type of questions come pretty easy for me, that is how my brain works. It is the actual Nursing Scenario questions that tend to trip me up. In those questions there are typically 2 or more "right" answers and you have to pick the "best" one.

Thursday ushered in the last exam of Nursing Theory I and while I didn't make a "bad" grade I really hoped I would have done a little better given that I put in loads of extra study time for this exam. All in all I should have a solid B on the exam but if they throw out 3 or more questions I should have an A ;) so my fingers are crossed. I know there are several others who are hoping that some of those questions get thrown out as well.

Only two more finals and then the dreaded Dosage Calculations test.

I am dreading that math test most of all, mainly because I hate being told I have to make a 90% on a test. That is a lot of pressure. I understand that being able to calculate proper dosages can mean the difference between life and death in some instances, this type of pressure sends my test anxiety through the roof.

Wish me luck ;)

Monday, November 29, 2010

When opportunity strikes.......a nasty bug will seize the day

I really should be thankful that I am not sick more often given my current job choice and the fact that I spend a lot of time with ill patients.

But alas, I am not feeling so thankful. You see finals start tomorrow and I have been sick since Wednesday night. NOT GOOD PEOPLE. Not Good At All.

I have tried theraflu, emergen C, chloroseptic, tylenol, ibuprofen, and have downed approximately 400 cough drops in attempts to stifle this bug.

I have been defeated.

I broke down today and hauled my rear to the doctor. Hopefully the antibiotics will do what the $50+ in OTC meds could not because this girl has some serious studying to do.

Over and Out

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 really

Do you ever have that feeling
You know
The one were things finally seem to be falling into place
The one were the fog seems to lift and it feels like you
can finally see more than 2 feet in front of your face.

I had that last week and now suddenly it seems things
have taken a 180 degree turn.

So frustrated that I find myself just yelling out "SERIOUSLY!"

I can't see how this is going to work out
but I am confident that He must have a better plan

Do you ever just wish that God would just spell it out for us
Just tell us exactly what to do
like leave an anonymous sticky note or something?

Okay - so I really should get back to studying The Nurse Practice Act.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Midterms are over :)

Midterms are over and I made it out alive.
By the grace of God, I managed to make it out with all A's except for one 89.8%.

So thankful!

Our family took some time to explore our current surroundings and headed to Petit Jean State Park for some hiking and a picnic. I can't even describe the beauty all I can say are the pictures don't do it justice.

Monday, October 11, 2010

it happened

it happened....
you know
the moment every other nursing student talks about
the moment were you are sitting in the floor, surrounded by books.
You're barely surviving on the 16 hourse of sleep you've had in the last 5 nights.
The realization that you are no where near being caught up on assignments and you are currently on page 20 of a paper that is due the next day.
You stumble
and in that moment you quietly think to yourself
"WHY am I doing this?"
Mine happened this weekend
I hit my wall
I had a good cry
and then I remembered all the reasons why I AM DOING this.
I cried some more.

Then I hoisted my fat butt over that wall :)
Here is to not being afraid of failure and becoming all that God has destined you to be.

Friday, October 08, 2010


Do you ever feel like something is dragging you closer and closer to the edge of a cliff? Do you have moments where you feel like taking a running start and jumping off so at least you have control of your own demise? Instead you dig your heels in and try to grab ahold of any tree/shrub/bush you can to keep from getting closer to the end of the line.

Good, I am glad I am not the only one.

Here is to "digging in" and knowing that even if you go over the edge HE will pull you back up.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Hard Work

I had a important exam on Thursday this week. It was imperative that I do well because quite honestly I did horribly on our first exam which was over fluid and electrolytes. The pressure was intense. It is much harder to recover from a bad grade than it is to coast by with a B. Thankfully I have a great group of girls to study with and we were burning the candle at both ends on Wednesday. We put in over 17 hours of study time that day....INSANE right!?

But the good news is that all the hard work paid off. We all made great grades on the exam. We were exhausted but we really do push each other. I am so thankful to call them my friends.

Iron sharpening Iron

Monday, September 27, 2010


This semester of the Nursing Program has me buried in PAPERWORK.
We are required to do PAPERWORK for our PAPERWORK. And just when we have handwritten all of our PAPERWORK, we then have a class over how to do said PAPERWORK, only to realize we have been doing it wrong and must start all over.

Okay now that I have gotten that off my chest I will REJOICE in today's tiny accomplishment. Today my PAPERWORK was turned in with time to spare. I am not saying it was absolutely 100% correct, but I did my best {insert me doing the happy dance here}.
We must celebrate the little things, right?!

Friday, September 24, 2010

To and Fro

Spent the day running to and fro.
to = the doctor's office
fro = the pharmacy and the house

the remainder of the day was spent
trying to appease the natives and when
that didn't work I decided to hide away
and edit photos.

This weekend I will be immersed in adhesive,
scissors, and paper for The Scrap-Room. I
am really looking forward to it especially since
I took last month off from designing.
I was delighted to discover this gem of a photo
on my camera. Seldom do I get a REAL picture
of Noah. You know, a picture where his personality
really shines through. I love this one. It made my day,
and also made my weekend scrapbooking quest that much
more enjoyable.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The story of the No Good, Rotten Blogger

So the good news is I am alive.
and the bad news is ..........

I am a No Good Rotten Blogger.

In my defense though I feel I need to add that I have had a good excuse.....several in fact.
The cliff notes version goes a little like this:
We moved....again. Into a house that needed lots of "love".
Heath broke his styloid process during said move.
After completing the Spring semester (my first in the Nursing Program) I decided I was sad to leave the hospital for the summer so I got a job there.
I also took Microbiology during the summer .....while I worked 12 hr night shifts at the hospital.
Dealt with many repairs on our home in Houston.
Made it through another cancer scare involving "concerning" lymph nodes.
Survived Shingles (and now know that a. Shingles hurt like the dickens and b. They aren't just for the elderly)
And now I am hitting the books harder than ever.

See, I told you I have been busy.

Friday, April 09, 2010

I'm Back!!

I realized I had a little extra time on my hands today so I thought I would stop by for an update. Okay, so that's a lie. I should really be studing for an A&PII test that I have next week but why not put that off so I can check in with you guys. :)

Isn't it "Always put off today what you can do tomorrow", or is it "Never put off"?

Either way I am here now so let's get to it.

Today is Noah's 11th birthday. I can't believe it. Heath and I were talking about his birth last night and I could remember tons of little details. I know everyone says this but really it seems like it was only yesterday.

Heath and I had lunch with him today. There is a whole other story in that alone, but I will save that for another day.

Tomorrow is his birthday party and we are taking some of his friends to see "How to Train Your Dragon." We always let the kids go out to eat for their birthday and they love getting to choose where we are going. Noah wanted to go to Doe's Eat Place. We have never been but I hear they have the BEST steaks around so I am really looking forward to it.

School is going well. Still trucking along. Clinicals are AMAZING! I am learning so much that I often wonder just how my brain holds all the info. I will be able to take my LPN exam after this semester. When I stop and think about it it is almost frightening.

So there is my little quickie update. I would love to hear how you all are doing as well so update me in the comments or at least share the link to your blog.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Week 4

Worked on taxes all weekend long - thinking that next year I may farm this job out. Seriously, I have done my own taxes for ummmmmm 13+ years now. I deserve a break, don't ya think.

Working on taxes seriously put me behind on school work. I was so focused on tax preparation that I didn't even realize I had a test (NRS Fundamentals) on Monday morning until 10:30pm on Sunday night ...... whooopsie!

Monday - TEST - ended up with an 89.7% not bad but really wished I would have been more on top of my schedule. Lab was exciting and our next check off is catheters - I love that we are actually learning the skills now. Hands on stuff seems to be much easier for me to learn.

Tuesday- Still trying to learn how the heart blood flows and more importantly WHY everything works together the way it does. I just have to keep at it.

Wednesday- Spring School pictures today for my kiddos. Nice arguement this morning on how I wanted hair to be fixed compared to how they wanted it. School was...well school. Dinner with some friends at Chili's.

Thursday- SCHOOL again ..... worked on lung and heart assessments. Came home and watched tv. Sometimes I miss just being able to watch a 30 min or 1 hour show in the evening. I was a rebel and do absolutely NOTHING all night.

Friday - up and at em' early took kiddos to school and then worked on checkbooks and bills ..... still need to study

OK seriously this blog is getting boring
I'm taking a break
Will Return when I have something positive to say

Monday, February 01, 2010

Wk 3 Heart

So this week I have branched out a little and have had lunch with a few new people. Guess what? It was actually FUN. I know you are thinking not my hermit friend, Shawnna. But YES me -- HERMIT no more!!! Aren't you PROUD! I am enjoying getting to know others that have embarked on this wild adventure with me. We are all so different and yet very similar....very interesting.

This week was a FULL WEEK - no fun holidays to lighten the load. We checked off on Vitals on Monday. I get to redo blood pressure because some of my classmates were being loud outside the exam room. Lucky me because I couldn't hear a darn thing through that stethoscope. I am partial to my own stethoscope- creature of habit you know.

Going over the HEART in Anatomy and Physiology II. I am determined to really understand this chapter.

Learned about the "Nursing Process" and the difference between "medical" diagnosis and "nursing" diagnosis. Who knew?? I had no clue we had our OWN diagnosis.

I did horrible on an A&PII test because I chose to take cold medicine and go to sleep rather than study. I really needed it, and I am learning that I have to take care of myself.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week 2 - Thank you Martin Luther King Jr.

I would like to thank Martin Luther King Jr. for both the great strides he helped to make in our country and for allowing me to have Monday off. :) Yep, no clinical day this week due to MLK.

Had two tests this week and somehow I made a 91 on both of them. I'm not complaining just thought it was odd that I made the same grade on both. The first was A&P II and we had to label the parts of the eye, ear, and brain. The second test was in Health Assessment Theory. I was pretty nervous about this one as I didn't know what to expect but it wasn't as bad as I had thought. It was all scenerios and there were always two "right" answers, given the situation we had to choose the BEST answer. It was strange not having a black and white answer but I am sure I will get used to it.

On the medical front, my lab work came back and it was all normal. SO THANKFUL!

Scrapbooked all weekend working on projects for TSR. I didn't get any homework done but now that my DT deadlines are met for the month I can catch up this week.

Planning to work on taxes this coming weekend.....just thinking about it gives me a headache.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Week 1 - Heavy

So far so good.
We are working on Vital Signs.
I bought a new bp cuff and matching stethoscope
in the closest color to turquoise I could find of course.
We went over infection control and endured a long and painful hospital orientation. This may quite possibly be one of the longest weeks ever. Most days I left the house before the sun had risen and rushed home to get the kids off the bus at 3:30. I have about 15 chapters to read this week and it's ummmmm I better get crackin'.

Thursday was my first oncologist appoint here in AR. I always seem to feel depressed at these appointments. Don't get me wrong, I am so thankful for my status and that I now longer have cancer. But you can't help but feel guilty when you go into a waiting room with people who are extremely ill and here you are HEALED. I always leave with the "why me" feelings. Why did HE choose to HEAL me and not them. Similar to survivors guilt I guess.

This week has felt HEAVY both physically and emotionally.
looking forward

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Today was orientation for the nursing program.
I thought it might be fun to chronicle my experience through out this process so batten down the hatches cause I am going to share the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY.

Orientation was much better than expected. I was prepared for the horror that I had heard of and seeing as though I have been pursuing this degree for several years I have had ample time to accumulate plenty of horror stories. I figured the nursing faculty would be detached and hard core. While they were definitely HARD CORE, they were also friendly and personable.

I took four pages of notes and that doesn't include the folder with the mountain of hand outs they gave us. Lots of information. Lots of things to buy. Classes start on Monday and I am feeling a little stressed about the money.
The required books are alone are $665.75 BEFORE TAX which doesn't include the additional "preferred material". ~OUCH~ Let's not forget tuition, scrubs, medical kit, background check, malpractice insurance, blood pressure cuff, etc..... the list goes on and on. I feel as if we are hemorrhaging money.