Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time Marches On

I intended to update the blog religiously during my holiday break, and by religiously I mean at least three times a week. Everyday seemed to slip by in the blink of an eye and now the end of the year is near.
"Where did it go" you ask.
"I haven't a clue."
I took my last test for the semester on Dec. 14th. Noah had his tonsils and adenoids removed on the 16th which resulted in what I like to refer to as "The Great Puke Fest of 2010" lasting over five days. Oh and I forgot to mention we got a new puppy, Zeus, on the 17th.
Really though I bring this chaos on myself. I should have flat out vetoed the whole puppy decision. I truly believe that my husband has some sort of magical power over me, you know like the Walt Disney type. He asks sweetly, bats those beautiful dark eyelashes, and I turn into mush. It is sickening really. And now while he is at work I am stuck cleaning up puppy puddles, feeding this thing 3-4 times a day, and of course taking him outside a zillion times a day.....rain, sleet, or shine.
I really should be spending my time working on the Mental Health Learning Activity that was assigned for us to do over the break, the 6 hours of Community Service, or the Mental Heath Teaching Plan. But then again, I have 10 more days until I have to be at school.
Isn't it "Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow" ;) ha ha
Oh and on a positive note, I ended the semester with straight A's!
P.S. Today's photo is brought to you because I need to be reminded that my kids love this puppy so as frustrating as he can be...........He is staying. ;)


Marie Levite said...

I hear you Shawna. Today I blogged. For the first time in over 2 months! LOL I hope you have a fabulous New Year. The photo of your daughter and pup is just precious!

Shawnna Samples said...

Thanks Marie
I think they are pretty darn cute myself...but of course I am biased.