Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Always BE Happy Beautiful Girl

sharing a layout :D :D made with stuff that was pulled out on my workspace -- lots of it is from the March kit at the scrap room -- www.scrap-room.com

Monday, March 26, 2007


ok so i went to READ to Makenna's class today
and the teacher tells me she is involved in a LOVE TRIANGLE

How did that HAPPEN

apparently she has two boys in class fighting over her
and it was a big enough issue that the teacher brought
it up today -- OMGOSH -- She is 6 -- what the heck
i didn't start liking boys until i was much older .... um...
like 12 or 13

anyway - she has been informed that she is not ALLOWED
to have a boyfriend - she is only 6
but somehow i think that makes her only like them MORE
i could see that little twinkle in her eye


Pray for us --


Super Busy at work
stepping in for a teacher
that had a family emergency
and can i just say that reading
another teachers lesson plans is
like trying to read CHINESE

lots of cutting to do for school tomorrow
students -- :D :D

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wednesday March 21

Took a little drive out to Brenham
took some pics in the BLUEBONNETS
:D :D
got home and put the kids to bed long
after BEDTIME but we had FUN :D
;) :D

Friday, March 16, 2007

SPRING BREAK -- thus far

Friday - 3-9-07 Ran errands ALL DAY and looked for a bathing suit (to no avail) that night we hung out at KandD's with Melissa and her kids then Noah and Makenna decided they wanted to sleepover too :D
Saturday 3-10 We had two back to back birthday parties one was a friend of Noah's (PUMP it UP) and the other a friend of Makenna's (Chuck E Cheese) that night at had the ONLINE CROP at TSR www.scrap-room.com
Sunday 3-11 Ken took us all out to Double Dave's and we hung out at Melissa's house :D
Monday and Tuesday the kids and I tackled some things around the house (it RAINED)
Wednesday 3-14 Heath and I took the kids to CHUCK E CHEESE it was RAINING with SEVERE T-STORMS -- that night Melissa and kids came to sleep over
Thursday - Hung out with Melissa and kids
Friday 3-16 HOUSTON MUSEUM OF NATURAL SCIENCE with Molly and kids - SUPER FUN - pictures to come -- this was the first time i have taken the kids so they were so excited - they loved it all - especially the dinosaurs :D
Saturday / Sunday - My Brothers are coming for a visit (Johnny and Jeremy) :D

Saturday, March 10, 2007

IT's ME ... IT'S ME

remember the Spartan skit from SNL
that was all I could think about when I decided to
come forth with my BIG NEWS .... :D

I just became the newest addition to the MOD SQUAD at TSR www.scrap-room.com
I am SOOOO FREAKIN EXCITED -- I feel in love with this site as soon as I joined and
I am THRILLED to be apart of the TEAM -- Thanks :D :D :D

Thursday, March 08, 2007


to do's for SPRING BREAK:

SCRAPBOOK -- EVERY SINGLE DAY - at least a little ;)

Family Day at the BEACH

Have NEPHEW over to spend the night

YARD work with my buddy MOLLY

PICNIC at the Park


maybe MOVIE and MUSEUM with Molly

other not so HUGE things but equally important
plan a menu so we don't eat out
get groceries
check on bluebonnets

tomorrow I am going to purchase a swimsuit -- YUCK --
Lord HELP me find one that looks DECENT

ok so that is it -- i feel like that is a good mix of FUN with a DASH of PROGRESS ??? don't you

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

in other news

I am gearing up for Spring Break
I can't decide if I want to do a SPRING CLEANING
or if I want to RELAX and SCRAP????



Ok so about my secret news
I am hoping to know something before the weekend
but I will FOR SURE be posting by MONDAY --

Monday, March 05, 2007

Birthdays = Memories

Today my son would have been 11
wow that is a big number - never fails to sneak up and surprise me
with a massive dose of RAW EMOTION
even after all these years -

Tried to stay busy today - got caught in I-10 traffic
started to panic - really wanted to get through ONE
birthday without tears and focus on the good memories
I feel like I am doing "better" compared to birthdays in the
past - no UGLY crying yet - (patting myself on the back)
but several moments with tears welling up

Just Praising God for holding my hand (sometimes even
dragging me ;) - through the really rough spots in my life
I find that sometimes I want to camp there - in my sorrow
- but HE doesn't let me - HE continually shows me that
there is still plenty of LIFE to LIVE

so with tear filled eyes toward heaven --
Mommy LOVES You

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Tonight we took the kids to the RODEO -
this was the FIRST time the kids have gone -
the Houston Rodeo is a HUGE thing for Texans
(and others as well) we had the pleasure of seeing
Clay Walker tonight in concert

and I must admit I really had my heart set on
seeing Rascal Flatts (and the kids wanted to see
Hannah Montana and the Cheetah Girls) but I
had a great time (so did they) -- Mr. Walker put on a GREAT

other things to remember about tonight include
fishing for prizes
pink cowgirl hat
wooden toad
pickles ;)
funnel cake
dippin dots

here is to FUN Family MEMORIES :D


ok I have a secret ;)
I can't tell this secret
for several more days
keeping it under wraps
is gonna be HARD
but i can say I am THRILLED

can't wait to share ;)