Monday, March 05, 2007

Birthdays = Memories

Today my son would have been 11
wow that is a big number - never fails to sneak up and surprise me
with a massive dose of RAW EMOTION
even after all these years -

Tried to stay busy today - got caught in I-10 traffic
started to panic - really wanted to get through ONE
birthday without tears and focus on the good memories
I feel like I am doing "better" compared to birthdays in the
past - no UGLY crying yet - (patting myself on the back)
but several moments with tears welling up

Just Praising God for holding my hand (sometimes even
dragging me ;) - through the really rough spots in my life
I find that sometimes I want to camp there - in my sorrow
- but HE doesn't let me - HE continually shows me that
there is still plenty of LIFE to LIVE

so with tear filled eyes toward heaven --
Mommy LOVES You


Christal said...

Shawnna, You will will in my thoughts and prayers today!

ashlee said...

praying for you girl:)