Friday, March 16, 2007

SPRING BREAK -- thus far

Friday - 3-9-07 Ran errands ALL DAY and looked for a bathing suit (to no avail) that night we hung out at KandD's with Melissa and her kids then Noah and Makenna decided they wanted to sleepover too :D
Saturday 3-10 We had two back to back birthday parties one was a friend of Noah's (PUMP it UP) and the other a friend of Makenna's (Chuck E Cheese) that night at had the ONLINE CROP at TSR
Sunday 3-11 Ken took us all out to Double Dave's and we hung out at Melissa's house :D
Monday and Tuesday the kids and I tackled some things around the house (it RAINED)
Wednesday 3-14 Heath and I took the kids to CHUCK E CHEESE it was RAINING with SEVERE T-STORMS -- that night Melissa and kids came to sleep over
Thursday - Hung out with Melissa and kids
Friday 3-16 HOUSTON MUSEUM OF NATURAL SCIENCE with Molly and kids - SUPER FUN - pictures to come -- this was the first time i have taken the kids so they were so excited - they loved it all - especially the dinosaurs :D
Saturday / Sunday - My Brothers are coming for a visit (Johnny and Jeremy) :D

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ashlee said...

fun stuff girl!!
miss you up here when are you gonna visit?!?!