Tuesday, November 28, 2006

dipped in HONEY

about two weeks ago Noah said something that I don't want to forget - so I am adding it here

We were talking about Mr. Tucker's TREE (it is a maple and I have loved it since the first time we viewed the house -- it is right across the street - just a little to the left ) anyway -- we were at the bus stop talking about how beautiful it was - and how God created such great beauty in even the smallest of leaves -- and then Noah said -- "Mom, it looks like he dipped it in HONEY" -- and I must admit -- when you said that I got a little choked up --

so thanks for letting me post that here -- hopefully i will scrapbook it soon --- I know i have some pics of Mr. Tucker's Tree around here somewhere ;)

Monday, November 27, 2006


We had a GREAT Thanksgiving
and we had SO MUCH to be thankful for.
It was great being able to celebrate with my sister in law and her family. This year
- you see I am usually the paper products and plastic utensils girl - but since my mother in law went out of town - I was able to HELP with some of the cooking -- now don't get me wrong - my sister in law is no dummy - SHE kept all the more difficult (combo dishes - those containing more than one item) things for herself but here is all the stuff we made -- and it was all so YUMMY

Green Beans (del monte - but i added some bacon)
Ham (Black Forest - our fam's fav)
Corn (HO HO HO green giant) frozen with a whole stick of BUTTER
Mashed Potatoes (my hubby made these)
PIES - Apple PUMPKIN and Pecan (all courtesy of SAM'S CLUB)
Rolls (brown and serve)
and the big one -- THE MAC AND CHEESE -- (i followed Paula Deen's recipe on this and I was so glad I didn't screw it up) THANKS PAULA!

Melissa (sister in law)
Turkey Breast
Sweet Potatoe Casserole
Brocolli and Rice Casserole
Green Bean Casserole
deviled eggs
and some sort of blueberry and grape jello concoction

It was so fun to help out -- who knows maybe next year I will get to make some casseroles ???? :D :D ;) :D

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


What kind of Mom would I be if I didn't let them THROW some LEAVES

Fall Pictures

My Noah =-= with his "MOM do I have to take a Picture?" SMILE :D -- He has been in this picture FUNK for a while now -- it sure would be easier on him if he would just SMILE for the Camera -- after all MOM isn't going to give up SCRAPBOOKING anytime soon ;)

Fall Pictures

this one IS posed but still cute ;)

Fall Pictures

This is SO Makenna - I love how this photo is just HER - being a KID - playing in the LEAVES -- not posed - just her

The Eve of Thanksgiving

This evening I am thinking of ALL the GOODNESS that God has heaped upon me and I can't help but think WHY ME? I did nothing to deserve this GREAT life that I have - but He gave it to me anyway

As I sip on my Starbucks coffee (breakfast blend) with my GINGERBREAD creamer - (i am in love with all things GINGERBREAD lately - not to mention the Bath and Body Works SPICY GINGERBREAD CANDLE) I think of how THANKFUL I AM FOR THE FOLLOW

*God gave His very BEST - His own SON to die in MY PLACE so that I could have a relationship with HIM
*I was born in a country were I can SPEAK my MIND and my BELIEFS without fear of persecution
*Noah - my sweet son - whose HEART is BIGGER THAN TEXAS
*Makenna - my beautiful daughter - whose CREATIVITY and ZEAL inspire me daily
*and for all my FRIENDS and FAMILY both IRL and in cyberspace :D

Monday, November 20, 2006

TODAY 11-20-06

ok so it is no longer my birthday and i am feeling the need to make up for all the SLACKING i did over the weekend

i need to


so now i guess i should get started

SUNDAY 11-19-06


IT'S MY BIRTHDAY -- strange even saying it cause it doesn't FEEL like anything special anymore -- just another year - another day -- is that what happens as we get older -- days turn to months which turn to years and before you know it YOU ARE OLD -- nah -- just kiddin -- i am still VERY YOUNG -- VERY VERY YOUNG -- at least that is what i am going to keep telling myself

Got the Ham for Thanksgiving today -- BLACK FOREST -- our fam's FAVORITE -- I love going to SAM's or CostCO -- those places are so FUN!

Saturday 11-18-06


just figuring out that i didn't have a camera with me last night BUMMER - told dh that he would have to do it all over again because if there are no pictures - THEN IT DIDN'T happen ;) ha ha ha

Heath and I spent today returning stuff - did a little Christmas Shopping - and most importantly HAD STARBUCKS -- YUM -- that has to be one of my most favorite things -- STARBUCKS - i love that place -- oh and we went to CHINA VIEW -- my fav chinese resturant

Picked up kids and we all watched ELF together -- Will Ferrel is HILARIOUS - love him

and then dh had some buddies over to watch a UFC fight (i cleaned up my scraproom)

Friday 11-17-06

Today is the kids last day of school -- Makenna had to have 24 apple slices for her thanksgiving feast today -- Noah's feast was yesterday - he only needed two bananas -- NO CUTTING involved -- :D

The kids are staying at the in-laws tonight because heath and I are going out to dinner -- should be fun -- he won't give me too many details and his story isn't staying the same so i think SOMETHINGS UP???

YEP I was Right
heath had a whole SURPRISE thing going -- he had two of my closest friends (and their hubby's) meet us at the resturant -- We had so much fun just hanging out -- we were at the table for 3+ hours -- Hope the waiter doesn't despise us ;)

Thursday 11-16-06

Thursday was a great day at work --
We had our Thanksgiving Feast and all the parents/ siblings were invited to come and eat -- FUN STUFF -- out of two classes only one child didn't have parents there to eat with her :( not to worry though she got to eat with her teacher -- which she thought was WAY COOL - I was requested to dine with one of my students and his family -- they were so sweet -- the little boy even decided that i needed a nickname and dubbed me Miss Shawnna PUMPKIN -- with "pumpkin" as my nickname -- he was precious --
SO NOW I AM OFF FOR 11 DAYS -- wow -- what a great way to go into the holiday -- I love work days like today


ok -- so though i don't have many readers - i like to pretend that i have a following ;) ok now i am LAUGHING and my kids are looking at me strangely -- really though -- i didn't even realize it had been so long since i had posted on my blog -- so for all of you who have been waiting patiently - INSERT MORE CHUCKLES -

Friday, November 10, 2006


ok - so i shouldn't have
but i did
i bought some
and just to note
they were 50%
off -- NOW which
one of you scrappers
could have turned down
that deal ???!!!???

Monday, November 06, 2006


So a little more shopping today
it was much more FUN today
totally gettin' into the spirit of giving
and that got me thinking - "WHAT IF
if we all did --

the world would be a much happier
place to live in - don't you think??

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Well - we have started our Christmas shopping - and i must say - it doesn't seem like we get as much for our $ as we used to - I feel extra stressed lately - when i should be JOYFUL in my gift giving - i find myself a little down about it - i am praying that God will give me peace about it - seems like i just don't want to spend $$$ -- i think i am always worried that something is going to happen - like the fridge will go out -- or something on the a/c will go out (this one happens a lot - so it seems) you know what i mean - those big ticket things that you never plan for - and it is not only the money spending that has me anxious but the wondering if the gift RECEIVER will like the gift -- ok so "like" isn't what i am shooting for - I want them to LOVE it -- I want it to give them the "awwe" feeling -- the "this person really cared enough to pick something for me" feeling -- Maybe i am just putting to much pressure on myself -but for me Christmas is the only time i really get GIFTS -- my family and my husbands' family always give $ for birthdays and such (which almost always goes toward some extra bills) - so i guess when i am shopping i just want to get them something EXTRA SPECIAL --

What are your CHRISTMAS SHOPPING stresses or joys?

Thursday, November 02, 2006


ok -- i know this is late - but honestly, i have tried to post it several times - blogger must have a bone to pick with me or somethin :(

so here are my CUTIE PIE KIDDOS -- super duper cute aren't they ???

Makenna was Little Red Riding Hood (although i don't think i got one single picture of her with the hood on/up) and Noah ended up being a Storm Trooper - Originally he was going to be the BIG BAD WOLF - but somehow that was lost in translation and he thought i said he could be a werewolf - once he realized i wasn't going to budge on the WEREWOLF thing - he decided to be the STORM TROOPER -- but i must say - i didn't mind the change because i was having trouble finding a BIG BAD WOLF costume anyway - It was kind of strange because this is the first year he really wanted to be something SCARY - while searching Target online he was picking the zoombies and the grimm reaper costumes -- SCARY --

does this mean my little boy is growing up?