Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Eve of Thanksgiving

This evening I am thinking of ALL the GOODNESS that God has heaped upon me and I can't help but think WHY ME? I did nothing to deserve this GREAT life that I have - but He gave it to me anyway

As I sip on my Starbucks coffee (breakfast blend) with my GINGERBREAD creamer - (i am in love with all things GINGERBREAD lately - not to mention the Bath and Body Works SPICY GINGERBREAD CANDLE) I think of how THANKFUL I AM FOR THE FOLLOW

*God gave His very BEST - His own SON to die in MY PLACE so that I could have a relationship with HIM
*I was born in a country were I can SPEAK my MIND and my BELIEFS without fear of persecution
*Noah - my sweet son - whose HEART is BIGGER THAN TEXAS
*Makenna - my beautiful daughter - whose CREATIVITY and ZEAL inspire me daily
*and for all my FRIENDS and FAMILY both IRL and in cyberspace :D

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melissa said...

Hey there! Just love your reflection. I asked my daughter, whose 4, to tell me about what she was thankful for....and of course, she's thankful for princesses and her yellow room and that her "puppy" (my neice's puppy!) likes her....and I said, "Mommy's thankful for Jesus and the gift he gave us by dying on the cross for our sins......and she said with a sassy tone - "Mommy - I KNOW that already! I'm talking about OTHER things I'm thankful for!" - Someday she will know the heart of a thankful sinner, right! :) Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family!!!!!!!!!