Tuesday, April 22, 2008


My Gracie Girl had puppies today!!!!

Moved and Getting Settled

We have moved in to our apartment. Unpacked everything in 8 days - wouldn't usually take that long but I had to seperate some stuff for STORAGE and also getting ready to have a garage sale so that stuff all had to be sorted.

So far I am liking the apartment - it is a little cramped but I vacuumed and swept the whole thing today in about 15 minutes - GOTTA LUV THAT -- I think the kids are beginning to feel the squeeze of sharing a room -- Had to break up a few fights over who didn't do their share of CLEANING.

Can't wait for summer -- I think the kids will love being able to just walk to the pool

Started working at the Local Scrapbook Store (LSS) yesterday - actually it really isn't "local" to me as I have to drive a bit to get there but I love the owners and I it is going to be SUPER FUN -- I worked there for a little while when we lived in Owasso a few years ago. They have a great store and I love the VIBE.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Heading North Soon

We will be heading back to Oklahoma this week (Wednesday)
Looking forward to getting the keys to our apartment on Thursday.
The movers will arrive with our stuff on Friday.

Even though we will move into a small apartment, we are looking forward to all being together under the same roof again! And I plan to take full advantage of all the perks of apartment living -- POOL and GYM and best of all NO YARD WORK or MAINTENANCE