Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Moved and Getting Settled

We have moved in to our apartment. Unpacked everything in 8 days - wouldn't usually take that long but I had to seperate some stuff for STORAGE and also getting ready to have a garage sale so that stuff all had to be sorted.

So far I am liking the apartment - it is a little cramped but I vacuumed and swept the whole thing today in about 15 minutes - GOTTA LUV THAT -- I think the kids are beginning to feel the squeeze of sharing a room -- Had to break up a few fights over who didn't do their share of CLEANING.

Can't wait for summer -- I think the kids will love being able to just walk to the pool

Started working at the Local Scrapbook Store (LSS) yesterday - actually it really isn't "local" to me as I have to drive a bit to get there but I love the owners and I it is going to be SUPER FUN -- I worked there for a little while when we lived in Owasso a few years ago. They have a great store and I love the VIBE.

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TeressaTSR said...

that is great to have your own place!!! I hope the house sells quickly!