Saturday, July 29, 2006


Sorry I haven't posted much lately
My little brother (ok so he isn't LITTLE any more - almost 21 - and sadly he is about a foot taller than me too) has come to visit for a few days - he and dh went to an ASTROS game with a friend -- and i am here with the kids -- so i thought i would jump online and blog real quick --

Now I love my STROS so normally i would probably COMPLAIN about missing the game (and i did just a little) but on a positive note I DIDN'T have to COOK

but i will say that TRENT -- you totally owe me a night out at the ball park - ;0) hee hee

maybe i can get some good pics of my brother while he is here -- and if it is ok with him i will share them with all of YOU--

more next week
bye for now

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Vacation Plans

ok -- here are some of the destinations i thought of -- well.... thought of some of them and then you helped me with some ;0)


I am hoping to go to the library and check out videos for ALL the Places (except camping)

for Hawaii i want to get lays (sp?) or make some and have cute fruit slushy drinks with umbrellas - maybe teach the kids how to hulla dance - and we could watch - LILO and STITCH

For Australia -- I NEED SOME HELP WITH dinner ideas and pretty much the whole thing (dinner / activity / movie)-- my son has said that when he grows up he is going to Work in Australia with Steve the Crocodile Hunter - this started when he was about 2-3 and now that he is 7 he still plans to work there. SO AUSTRALIA IS A MUST FOR OUR VACATION

for China
i am thinking we could order in CHINESE -- YUM or go to our fav place - china view -- if we eat in i am thinking we could all sit on pillows around the coffee table -- ???? i need some help with an activity and a movie

Camping -- we will set up a tent in the living room
eat burgers/hotdogs from the grill and have smores' -- not sure about the Activity unless we make the smores the activity?? and I need a MOVIE

ok not sure if i should do pizza or pasta and meatballs -- we could make fresh bread (my kids love that) Still need an Activity and a MOVIE ---
maybe for the activity i could buy a bunch of grapes like in the old lucy shows and let the kids stomp them to make "wine" ???

Would so love to hear some input on this as we are pretty much about what -- uhh --- 2 weeks away --- i want to try to borrow all the stuff from the library this next week



Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hurry up and WAIT

this was my day today

hurry up to get ready for my doctor's appt. only to find I needed to reschedule it until later in the day

hurry up to get to said doctor's appt. only to wait -- i seriously wanted to take a nap while i waited in the exam room for the doctor -- DOES ANYONE ELSE EVER WANT TO DO THAT -- really how often do you find yourself in a QUIET - CLEAN environment such as that -- now if they would just stock the rooms with pillows and blankets i would have been all set --

anyway i think the doctor forgot about me or something cause i waited for a long time and then when he came in he was apologetic and stuff -- WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT -- totally sensing a "oops i messed up" man vibe ---

OK so to make up for my UN PRODUCTIVE DAY - i am going to scrap like CRAZY tonight -- i am soooo excited

Hope everyone is having a BLESSED DAY

Monday, July 24, 2006

another layout

ok this will probably ;)
be the last one i post today
i can't seem to help it all i want to
do is scrapbook lately




WOW -- i can still do it

WOW -- I can Still do it.....

Stay up ALL NIGHT that is

not that i was really trying but i watched a super FREAKY movie last night at my sister in law's house and i was a little scared so i scrapbooked last night

fyi -- the hills have eyes - is a really scary movie

now it is about 7 am and i am thinking it is going to be one heck of a day -- I am hoping to get SO MUCH STUFF DONE with my EARLY START ;)

i am guessing i will probably need a little nap though :0)

Friday, July 21, 2006

help me plan a VACATION

OK -- so here is the deal -- we can't go on a REAL vacation so i want to do a MOCK VACATION at home - here is what i am picturing -- 5 days of pretend locations
CAMPING -- setting up the tent in the living room and making smores and stuff???
HAWAII -- wearing the flowers in our hair (girls only) and having little drinks with umbrellas -- hula dancing

SO HELP ME COME UP WITH SOME OTHER fun things for Heath and I to do with the kids (CHEAP$$ things) and i need some other places for us to "travel" to as well

Praise the LORD

and i don't mean that sarcasticly either
i am doing some serious
REJOICING here in Houston today

?- why you ask-?

because we now have a/c upstairs
-- after 6 days with all of us
crammed together in one of 3 rooms -
dinning room
family room
we can spread out a little and
enjoy a little quite time -- the
kids were so happy they could
go upstairs and play in the play
room - they played for at least
an hour without a peep - I had
to come up here to check on
them -cause you know kids
when they are that quite - that
means they are usually up to
something- but they surprised
me this time and when i came
upstairs i just sort of watched
them play together for a few
minutes - it was SUPER
FANTASTIC-- and i am so
exciting to finally get the
blankets, pillows, and
mattress OUT OF THE
FAMILY ROOM -- it has
been driving me bonkers

So TODAY i would say i am
so thankful for a COOL house

Thursday, July 20, 2006


my dear sweet friend sent me these today - THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL -- and she really shouldn't have - but i greatly appreciate it -- and they came at the perfect time -- i had taken the kids out to run errands - had to get my nephew (almost 2) a birthday present -- had to get my circle journal (hobby lobby has albums and refills at 1/2 off right now) and I was stressed because the kids kept YELLING IN THE CAR (or talking on HIGH- it felt like they were screaming in my ear)-- i had a horrible headache - i was a little SHORT FUSED and on edge to say the least and then with today being, well, you know - things weren't going so well -- we got trapped at hobby lobby for about an hour because IT WAS POURING DOWN so now it is almost 5pm and i still needed to go to the grocery store - so at that point i decided we were not getting groceries today- we stopped at chick-fil-a for take out and as i pulled up into the driveway i saw this BIG LONG BOX by the front door -- I WAS SO SURPRISED -- and it really did make me feel better - (i still have a headache but the roses smell LOVELY) :)
THANK YOU ERIN -- Perfect timing
And thanks the LORD for blessing me with friends as sweet as mine


I read Jody's Blog this morning and it just really stuck with me
here was my comment to her post:
I think my brokeness is what finally brought me to a place were I HAD to believe in GOD -- I wanted to - I wanted to put all my trust in HIM - and I think HE knew I would never REALLY let HIM in my life until I was TRUELY BROKEN -

So I won't lie - TODAY- right this minute - I am feeling selfish - today I really wish my son was here - BUT I am trying to focus on the fact that he is in a much better place -- HE IS WITH OUR LORD IN HEAVEN -- and I will see him again -- (that last part always makes me smile) :0)
and setting around crying my eyes out isn't going to help anyone so today I am going to dust myself off (or shower ;)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

10 years

10 years seems like forever - yet tonight while i look over some of my son's things it can also seem like a split second --

I would like to THANK YOU ALL for reading my story - I hope that as you go you will take a little piece of Aasin with you - and maybe sit down and play barbies or legos with your little one - Our life on this Earth is far to short to go RUSHING through and tomorrow is not guaranteed - so take time today to share your favorite color with your child and find out what theirs is.

Many Blessings to YOU and YOURS



Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Aasin (pictures)

what kind of mother would i be if i didn't post a few baby pictures - so here you go

Monday, July 17, 2006

part 3 of the story

I remember the doctors saying that the next 24 hours will determine a lot -- THEY WERE SO RIGHT -- things seemed to be looking better they were going to let us see him -- they tried to prepare me before they took me to the NICU -- they said that he is swollen and he will look different than what i am used to -- I didn't really understand what they were saying until i saw him - they were right - he didn't look the same - and he was still being sedated - they let us stay with him except while they were doing tests - they began preparing us for what may happen - if he recovered he could need therapy and they were unsure what type of injuries he would have - while putting in the shunt he suffered a stroke and could be permenatly brain damaged -- or not - it was to early to tell - anyway we had spoke to family members and several were preparing to come and stay with me at the hospital for 1 week shifts - I remember praying and telling God that I was prepared to stay as long as i needed to - that we would figure out a way- if only he would spare my son from any permenate damage -

after a while they said i should go back down to the er for the rest of the x-rays while he was stable - my mother went with me and my father stayed in the NICU - we finished up in the ER and went back to the NICU - my father was in the waiting room with his head in his hands and i remember feeling that something wasn't right - he looked up and he had been crying -- he said they rushed Aasin in for another test and that his brain was swelling again - We waited for what seemed like an eternity -

Praying - Waiting -
Waiting - Praying -

I remember them taking us to a conference room -- i thought they wanted to discuss further treatment or something -- i was confused -- it was an off white room with a long rectangled table - lots of grey chairs - they sat on one side of the table and my mother - father and i on the other - when they started talking it didn't seem real - they said that his brain had swollen and cut off the blood and oxygen supply - they said he was brain dead - they said there was nothing more that they could do - they seemed so detached and unreal - like they were reading off a bunch of numbers and not really talking TO ME but AT ME -- I remember feeling rage -- that they COULD do something but they weren't - i remember being so emotional and my parents trying to calm me down -- it seemed like i was not in my own body - not in control - like i was watching myself loose it from the ceiling or something -- surreal -- They said that i had to make a decision about the life support - that if i left him on it his body would slowing shut down - beginning with one organ on to the next - and then the next --

I made the decision to take him off of life support - they let me hold him for awhile before they turned off the machines and unhooked everything - i continued to hold him afterward for as long as i could - i remember telling him how much I loved him and how sorry I was -- how EVERYONE love him -- i remember singing every song I could think of while i rocked him -- this would be the last time i would ever rock him to sleep again - i remember them coming in to listen for a heartbeat -- they nodded their head but i already knew he was gone -- i continued to stay with him -- i couldn't bear to leave him there without me - i remember feeling the coldness of his body wrapped in the tiny hospital blanket - the nurses said i could have a few more minutes with him and i just sobbed - i had never felt that kind of pain -- my heart hurt and it felt like it had moved into my throat -- they came to take him from me and i felt like i dying inside -

in less that 18 hours my life had come unraveled - i was alone - and my heart was shattered - I wish i could say that this was the point in my life were i turned to GOD - were I began to have a personal relationship with him -- but it wasn't - because you see at this point i felt even more ashamed than ever - I had made the decision to take my son to TX - instead of leaving him with my mother -- I had made the decision to go ahead with the plans even though i had second thoughts about it while we were at dinner and Aasin was fussing - I had decided to not ask D to pull the car over while i nursed him in the back seat. ALL CHOICES I MADE - I felt that my sinful life had brought this upon myself --

This were i say, thankfully "I WAS WRONG "

I didn't know the salvation that I later found (THANK YOU Brother Roger and Judy Ratliff from Vansickle Baptist Church) I didn't know the FREE GIFT of eternal life

"For the wages of sin is death, but the FREE GIFT of GOD is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord" Romans 6:23

i had convinced myself that i could never do enough good to erase all the sin i had commited - all the poor choices -- but the truth is NONE of us DESERVE to have a relationship with Christ -- but he allows us to anyway -- that is how much he loves us

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world should be SAVED through Him." John 3:16-17

I was baptized in front of my husband and my two children in 2002 and my relationship with Christ continues to grow today -- I am not perfect now that i am a "CHRISTIAN" nor will I ever be -- but you see that is the beauty of my relationship with Christ - He knows I am not perfect and He knows I will continue to mess up - but He is helping me to be a better person THROUGH HIM - and i am so thankful that some people (my husband included) took the time to explain that to me - (and were patient while i took the time to BELIEVE IT)

If there is a void in your life I urge you to turn to Christ to fill that for you - He is calling your name and he wants to have a relationship with you- I would love to help you make the decision to proclaim Jesus as your Lord and Savior and ask Him into your life - to ask Him to forgive you for your sins no matter how BIG or small - He can and He will -- all you have to do is BELIEVE. I would love to answer any questions for you -- NOT THAT i know it all - but i am resourceful and if i can't find the answer in the Bible for you I will find someone who can help me

thank you for sticking around for my story - there are some gaps in it but i plan to fill those with time -- Many BLESSINGS to you all

In Christ

all verses from the New American Standard version -- it is so much easier for me to read

Part 2 (continued story)

ok after i re read my last post i thought that it was important to say that at this time i didn't have a close relationship with Christ -- I was raised Catholic and i (an unwed teenager) went to church with my son (and my momma of course) but i didn't know that I COULD have a relationship with HIM- I felt ashamed and unworthy of GOD's love - i often wondered if he would ever forgive me for the sins i had commited and i tried to think of things i could do to make up for all the wrong i had done.

BOY WAS I SOOOOO WRONG -- more on that to come at the end of the story

anyway i said all that to start tonights post here -- July 19 1996 - the day before the wreck -- i was supposed to be going to meet my boyfriend's mother*we will call her D* (she is now my mother in law) for the first time - his sister *M* and i (with my son) were going to their other sister *C's* baby shower in TX on the following day - Heath (then boyfriend now husband) was on a mission trip in Mexico and was going to meet us in TX with his dad the following day - *hope that all makes sense*
anyway we were going to be leaving VERY early - like 4 am or so - so i was going to stay the night with them at M's house.

I remember my mom telling me i should just let Aasin stay with her - but i wasn't having it - there was now way i was going to leave him for the night - so not my style - if i wasn't working - we were together - I took care of my son and i enjoyed it - So i brushed her off and said NO and left to go to M's house (future sister in law) -

I remember going out to eat and Aasin seemed so fussy - i nursed him a little - I remember Heath's mother being so kind and holding him- i remember how we were setting at the table - the linens the decor - even in my mind it still seems so fresh and real -- I remember being embarrased that he was being so fussy - and feeling like maybe i was ruining their meal -- and wondering what she thought -

we went back to M's house and visited a little and we went to bed - We woke up so early -- loaded everything up and got on the road -- it was a 3-4 hour trip - things went smoothly we all kept each other company - D drove and M and her daughter sat up front - Aasin and I were in the back seat - Aasin slept almost the whole way -- I remember us talking about stopping at the IHOP for breakfast -- it had to be at least 7:30 or so -- I remember Aasin waking up - I remember thinking we were almost there so i would go ahead and feed him while we were in the car - he nursed for a while and i burped him and switched sides -- he was in a much happier mood today -- I was thankful for that - smiling and playing with his little chubby feet while he ate -- I sat him up to burp him again we went over some railroad tracks and shortly after we were slowing down -- i looked out the windshield and i saw the stop light turn green and D went to turn right at the intersection

-- CRASH --

i never saw it coming - not in my periphial vision -- NOTHING -- i remember the sound of metal on metal - i remember trying to hold onto my son as we were slammed around inside of the car - i remember trying to figure out what had just happened - I remember the air bags everywhere in the front of the car -- i remember M's daughter crying -- i checked my son -- looked at him - his head - his mouth - his belly -- everywhere -- the only blood i saw was in his mouth on his gums -- it looked like he was cutting teeth and when he bit down he kind of nicked his bottom gums maybe -- i remember thinking -- it is going to be ok -- Please Lord let everyone be ok -- Let everyone in the other vehicle be ok --
my first instinct was we needed to go to the hospital - i didn't know where we were - i wasn't familiar with the town (heath's family was from the area) I didn't know where the nearest hospital was but we needed to get there -- we flagged down a car that drove me , Aasin , and M to the hospital - which thankfully was less than 5 minutes away -- i remember the drive there -- i remember him starting to fall asleep and trying to keep him awake - i remember M giving him cpr -- he was going in and out --

i remember going into the automatic doors at the hospital and as i handed him to the nurse i saw it - the huge bump on his head close to his ear -- they took him to the back and i wasn't allowed in -- they wouldn't let me stay with him -- i didn't know how serious it was but by the frantic way everyone was rushing around it didn't seem good - i used the payphone to call my mother - my dad was at work so she would have to call and have him tracked down and they would be on the way --

they kept trying to get me to be seen by a dr. as well -- i said i wasn't hurt and the nurse said you are bleeding - with all the chaos i didn't even know - i looked down and saw blood on my shirt and felt my face -- still saying i am not hurt i will be fine - and please let me be with my baby -

they finally said they were going to life flight him to childrens medical in dallas -I called and told my parents and they said they would get there as soon as they could - they let me see him before they sedated him - and as i walked into the room - i saw him with the tubes in his mouth and he tried to cry out for me but he couldn't -- the nurses were telling me that it was a good sign that he recognized me - i remember being by his side when his tiny body relaxed and kissing him and telling him i would be there with him as soon as i could be - they wouldn't let me ride in the helicopter - and i needed to go with him -- i had to be with my son -- the car was totaled - some people from the town offered to drive me to the childrens medical center in dallas --

it was about an hour drive - and i remember starting to feel the pain on the trip there -- i don't really remember the whole trip but when we got there they wouldn't let me see him and they made me get checked out in the er -- i remember being on a bed in the hall with a brace for my neck and back -- i was there for hours - i kept asking for someone to take me to my son at childrens and they said i had to be cleared in the er first before i could go -- i waited and waited - i remeber a dr. coming to ask me if he could put a shunt in my sons head - his little brain was swelling and they needed to be able to gauge the pressure - i remember asking him the risks and benefits of the shunt and i remember feeling overwhelmed - wishing my mom was there - i gave them permission and signed the documents - and he told me he would keep me posted on aasin's condition and that they were doing more tests and that even if i was cleared from the er i wouldn't be able to see him until he was stable.

I remember having lots of x -rays and waiting in the hall on the bed -- i remember my parents getting there - i remember hearing their voices while i was on the bed -- it seemed liked things sped up at that point - they wouldn't let me leave yet but my dad went to the NICU - i got some stitches in my nose and they finally let me leave to go to the NICU -- i just had to come back down later for some more x rays -

for a long time we were in the waiting room -- i remember the way it looked -- it had these huge aquariums with tropical fish -- i remember when they finally let us go in and be with him -- finally he was stable -- in critical condition but stable - i remember praying - praying - and praying - Lord please let my son recover from this Lord Please -- Hail Mary's - I must have said hundreds if not thousands - Our Father's -- i was reciting every prayer i had ever learned -


ok - it is 2am here and i am physically and mentally exhausted - i will continue this in a day or two - sorry - too much for one sitting - to much for one lifetime it seems - i will return - thank you again for your patience

Sunday, July 16, 2006


wanted to say that yesterday MY DEAR SWEET HUSBAND -- bought me the book "52 Scrapbooking Challenges" by Elsie Flannigan -- YUM -- who has the bestest husband in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD??? -- ME ME ME --

we went to the LSS to get some cardstock for Noah and Makenna (for projects) and i walked up to the register and i GASPED - my heart was racing and I had to catch my breath - (Heath had only came in the store because i didn't have my purse and he had to buy the cardstock) but when he heard me GASP he (being the caring and loving husband he is ) LOOKED and I POINTED TO THE BOOK -- he just smiled and nodded his head. He knew i had been counting the days down until it came out on the 17th -- i couldn't believe they had it already -- I AM SO LUCKY !!

also had a few things in the mail --
1. PHOTOS from Walmart -- they found them and mailed them to me - nevermind they should have been in my hands 2 weeks ago -- i am just glad they found them and sent them here -- plus i got them for FREE --

2. Shell - sent me a CD -- THANK YOU -- i will be jammin' to that tonight

3. I recieved my RAK from Carla - THANK YOU-- it had so many goodies and the package was HUGE

also -- more of MY STORY will be posted tonight -- thank you for your patience

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Part 1 (beginning)

i wasn't sure how/ where to start so i guess i will start with my pregnancy - i was only a teenager when i found out i was pregnant - nothing more than a child myself - up until that point my biggest fears involved getting caught cruisin' the strip while my parents thought i was at the movie theatre -- and so it begins - i am pregnant -- I was pressured by some to have an abortion - this was something that I COULDN'T do - part of me thought "no one would ever have to know about this if i went down this path" but the BIGGEST part of me knew that I COULDN'T do it - that this was a BABY growing inside of me - Thankfully my mother was there to give me support and encouragement - though i am sure she wasn't happy about the situation I had gotten myself into - she was more supportive than I would have imagined she could be and she stood by my side when I made the decision to keep the baby - MY BABY - my pregnancy was tough it wasn't fun to feel alienated by my peers - and the comments some of them made --- OMGoodness - it was horrible -- skip this part and lets fast forward to the birth of my son - Aasin -

he was a beautiful baby and such a blessing - born March 5th 1996 - i remember sobbing uncontrollable the first time I held him in my arms - he was so fragile and innocent I couldn't help but wonder if I would be able to give him the life he deserved - would I be a GOOD MOTHER - would I know what to do when he cried or when he had a fever (lets hope so because i spent most of my pregnancy reading every BOOK i could get my hands on about childbirth and childrearing)

at this point my life totally changed - RESPONSIBILTY LEAD THE WAY TO MANY CHANGES

SCHOOL: I was on homebound (high school at home - i met with a teacher once per week who would give me all my assignments which would be turned in on the following week) HOME: Not only was I caring for this infant 24/7 I was also babysitting my three younger brothers after school until my parents came home and all the while still helping my mom with housework. WORK -- and as soon as school was out for the summer I got my first real job (up until then there was babysitting and doing odd jobs for my parents to earn cash) my mother babysat for me while i worked part time / evenings and weekends at a resturant - they didn't want me to work at first but i knew i was going to have to do it sooner or later

my life had done a 180 degree turn - no longer was i a teenager living for the weekends - now i was a mother - oohh ing and awwe ing over all the FIRSTS that my son was experiencing -- HOLDING HIS HEAD UP -- ROLLING OVER -- it seemed that i could no longer communicate with those that had been my peers - they were talking about their DATES and i was talking about sleepless nights - cute baby noises - and diapers - it was strange and it set me apart but i didn't mind - I loved my son and i was determined that i would do whatever i could to make the best life possible for him.

Friday, July 14, 2006

What to say

some times i have trouble finding words - words come so easily for some -- not so much for me -- now i am not talking about idle chit chat (i can totally handle that) -- i am talking about WORDS -- life altering words -- words of sorrow -- words of tragedy --- over the next few days i am going to try to type the WORDS that have been rattling around in my brain lately.

do you know how it feels when God is trying to get you to do something - something that you are not sure YOU can do -- lately i have struggled with this very thing and after much thought and nudging not only from GOD but a few others - i think i may just have enough nerve to share MY STORY -- The story of my son, Aasin - The story of how is little life CHANGED ME - INSIDE and OUT -- more to come

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

STOP! Wait a minute

Stop! Wait a minute Mr. Postman --

I got some awesome goodies in the mail today

1. 2 sets of Autumn leaves Stamps by Rhonna (Nature and Swirls)
2. a box from the local scrapbook store (LSS) that i used to work at in OK before we moved
3. Paper Crafts magazine
4. NO BILLS ---

Number ONE
Rhonna - these stamps ROCK -- I am totally spending every dime of my allowance on these stamps until I collect them ALL -- then i will move on to those itty bitty actions for PS that i am SO LOVIN'

Number TWO
Ok - confession time - when i saw this box outside my front door today I totally FREAKED -- I didn't look at the return address label -- ALL I COULD SEE WAS THE CUTE LITTLE CRICUT LOGO on the SIDE OF THE BOX -- first thought was DH really does pay attention to me when i talk to him -- and what a great surprize -- then i was like NAHHH --- so i check the label and it is from my former employer -- i had made a lunch box tin for the store that i feel in love with and she mailed it to me after they were through demo- ing it. BUT IT DOESN'T STOP THERE -- she sent me this super cute little gift -- THANKS A BUNCH JERI ANN -- oh and I MISS YOU TOO -- tell leigh ann and the others HI for me

here is a link to the pictures of the tin - after you click on the link here click on the image on the 2peas page

Number THREE
i got the aug/sept issue of Paper Crafts in the mail and i will for sure be reading it while i am on the NIGHT OWL THREAD on TSR (the scrap-room message board). This night owl thread has been my guilty pleasure ... i mean .... em ... obession .... lately.

and last but not least

Number FOUR
NO BILLS -- does that even need an explanation

have a joyful day -- I am trying ...


Me Layout

this was a combo Challenge from Carla and T at the scrap-room -- I really loved how it turned out. FUN FUN FUN -- i used RiBBON PaInT and Raw ChiPBoarD - (the letter weren't raw but i sanded and painted them too) oh and black / white Cardstock -- but cardstock is a given on any layout RIGHT?? Hope you dig it

Monday, July 10, 2006


forgot to add the other layout -- here ya go!


I worked on two layouts last night for two challenges on TSR and I finished up the journaling on my ME album - Feeling good about getting those projects done.

Today I am not feeling well - I think it is all the LATE NIGHTS I have been pulling lately -- 3:30 a.m. is not an ideal bedtime for anyone - let alone a mother of two kids - one being a child who wants EGGS for breakfast - I am trying to just make myself get up SUPER early in the morning so I will just wear myself out - I don't know if this is going to work -- we shall see

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Ok - by now i am sure you are bored with my "fun mail" or "good mail" posts but TOO BAD cause my TSR KIT came today and i am totally STOKED -- i even received my extra goodies from TAMMY for the Organize Challenge -- FUN STUFF -- and an extra bonus is that my SUPPLIES are ORGANIZED --

On TOP of this package I got a RAK from Emily -- the Scrapbooking A-Z book by Deluxe Designs -- THANKS EMILY - can't wait to soak up all the ideas in here --

In other good news - I now am a proud owner of PHOTOSHOP -- YESSSSS --- and that my friends is FLIPPIN SWEET -- now to get off the pc and actually install it

and just so that you don't think I live the "FABULOUS LIFE" I did get 5 bills in the mail today --

Sorry for the CRAZY ORDER OF THE PICS -- ???

Friday, July 07, 2006

another GOOD mail day

More fun mail -- stamps I ordered with my allowance (autumn leaves scribbles
alphabet and scribbles punctuation by Rhonna ) 2 more stamp sets should by on
the way ----------and a RAK from Karen it is wild asparagus YUMMY -Karen is
another one of my TSR friends - LOVE THAT PLACE * THE SCRAP - ROOM* link is at
the side - go check it out -- and LOOKY what DH brought home from work -- a new
V Cast cell phone -- FUN FUN -- you would think i would have had a fabulous day
with all these goodies but it was kind of glum-- I am still trying to find two
rolls of film that WAL MART or their 3rd party developers have MISPLACED --
maybe they will show up tomorrow --

note to self: NEVER i repeat NEVER
take your film to wal mart again

Thursday, July 06, 2006


I love GOOD MAIL - whether it is snail mail or email -- I LOVE IT-- who doesn't - it makes me happy -- this one is a RAK from my dear sweet TSR buddy AMY --- THANKS AMY -- I am going to enjoy reading every single page !

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Sweet Son

I wanted to post a pic of my sweet son Noah -- He is growing up so fast --7 already -- He is very mature in so many ways -- He loves to help around the house -- and he has a HUGE heart -- He suffers from Tourette Syndrome -- it amazes me how awesome he is about it -- he knows it is something that his friends don't have but he doesn't let it get him down --often times curious children (and even some mean ones) will ask him "WHY DO YOU DO THAT?" and he just says he has "motor tics" and he can't help that he does it then he will answer ALL of their questions -- He is SO BRAVE

for more info on Tourette Syndrome ( it is sometimes referred to as Tourette Disorder) check out this link

just finished reading a book i checked out from the library titled
Tics and Tourette Syndrome: A Handbook for Parents and Professionals by Uttom Chowdhury

I found it to be very insightful --and although we had to work through a lot of this stuff on our own I thought I would post the book here -- It would have been great to have this book when he was first diaganosed with Motor tics 3 years ago

This morning the kids CLEANED their playroom -- I know you are thinking "no big deal" but the KEWLEST part was that I DIDN'T ASK them to do it -- WOW

today i am totally celebrating this little blessing -- until tomorrow -- here is me wishing you many blessings

Saturday, July 01, 2006


edited: I AM SO GETTING THIS -- and that is my FINAL ANSWER I am so ITCHING to get photoshop -- i was good I didn't buy it yet and put it on a credit card (those things are BAD- credit cards) but now that DH has gotten paid I am finding it HARD TO BUY IT --- did i just say that -- "hard to buy it" yep i guess i did -- CRAP -- 100 bucks is a lot of money-- i did find it at sam's for 79.99 -- I don't know -- SHOULD i or SHOULDn'T I --- I want to soooooo fReAKin BAD --- but i don't usually spend that kind of money on myself -- but it isn't really for me - Right?? -- it is for the family -- for our photos -- OK enablers help me out