Friday, July 21, 2006

help me plan a VACATION

OK -- so here is the deal -- we can't go on a REAL vacation so i want to do a MOCK VACATION at home - here is what i am picturing -- 5 days of pretend locations
CAMPING -- setting up the tent in the living room and making smores and stuff???
HAWAII -- wearing the flowers in our hair (girls only) and having little drinks with umbrellas -- hula dancing

SO HELP ME COME UP WITH SOME OTHER fun things for Heath and I to do with the kids (CHEAP$$ things) and i need some other places for us to "travel" to as well


annette said...

I could see you using chop-sticks and eating stir-fry...

call some travel agencies to see if they have posters you could get...for free of course...that might help stir an idea.

Christi said...

Hey! If you go to the library you can get travel videos! You can actually "visit" each place through watching them on videos! I have actually gotten a couple of them for Jon-Collin to watch for school when they study a particular place in school. London, Hawaii, China, Greece! Those would be fun ones to watch! I bet you could even find roller coaster videos! It would be like you are visiting six flags or something!