Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Sweet Son

I wanted to post a pic of my sweet son Noah -- He is growing up so fast --7 already -- He is very mature in so many ways -- He loves to help around the house -- and he has a HUGE heart -- He suffers from Tourette Syndrome -- it amazes me how awesome he is about it -- he knows it is something that his friends don't have but he doesn't let it get him down --often times curious children (and even some mean ones) will ask him "WHY DO YOU DO THAT?" and he just says he has "motor tics" and he can't help that he does it then he will answer ALL of their questions -- He is SO BRAVE

for more info on Tourette Syndrome ( it is sometimes referred to as Tourette Disorder) check out this link

just finished reading a book i checked out from the library titled
Tics and Tourette Syndrome: A Handbook for Parents and Professionals by Uttom Chowdhury

I found it to be very insightful --and although we had to work through a lot of this stuff on our own I thought I would post the book here -- It would have been great to have this book when he was first diaganosed with Motor tics 3 years ago

This morning the kids CLEANED their playroom -- I know you are thinking "no big deal" but the KEWLEST part was that I DIDN'T ASK them to do it -- WOW

today i am totally celebrating this little blessing -- until tomorrow -- here is me wishing you many blessings


Aunt Chrissy said...

Noah is such an awesome kid! Of course this is coming from his Aunt Chrissy! But I think he has been very brave going through all this stuff! And so have you Shawnna! I know w/Collin and his ADHD there are days I want to scream! I am sure you see it all over my face...I havent seen that side of you. Tell Noah and Makenna way to go on cleaning the room! Maybe they can teach their older cousin how to do that! Love the picture of Noah!
-Aunt Chrissy

Erin said...

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shawnna said...

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