Friday, July 21, 2006

Praise the LORD

and i don't mean that sarcasticly either
i am doing some serious
REJOICING here in Houston today

?- why you ask-?

because we now have a/c upstairs
-- after 6 days with all of us
crammed together in one of 3 rooms -
dinning room
family room
we can spread out a little and
enjoy a little quite time -- the
kids were so happy they could
go upstairs and play in the play
room - they played for at least
an hour without a peep - I had
to come up here to check on
them -cause you know kids
when they are that quite - that
means they are usually up to
something- but they surprised
me this time and when i came
upstairs i just sort of watched
them play together for a few
minutes - it was SUPER
FANTASTIC-- and i am so
exciting to finally get the
blankets, pillows, and
mattress OUT OF THE
FAMILY ROOM -- it has
been driving me bonkers

So TODAY i would say i am
so thankful for a COOL house


annette said...

Shawnna, We have had the hot, hot days here but we haven't lost our I agree about praising the Lord for AC.

Your blog is so fun for me...I am a 'people person' so this is right down my alley.

Enjoy the cool...~annette~

Erin said...

Ahhh...nothing like cool air on hot days!!! ENJOY!

Christi said...

YEE HAW it's fixed!!
Love ya!