Saturday, July 08, 2006


Ok - by now i am sure you are bored with my "fun mail" or "good mail" posts but TOO BAD cause my TSR KIT came today and i am totally STOKED -- i even received my extra goodies from TAMMY for the Organize Challenge -- FUN STUFF -- and an extra bonus is that my SUPPLIES are ORGANIZED --

On TOP of this package I got a RAK from Emily -- the Scrapbooking A-Z book by Deluxe Designs -- THANKS EMILY - can't wait to soak up all the ideas in here --

In other good news - I now am a proud owner of PHOTOSHOP -- YESSSSS --- and that my friends is FLIPPIN SWEET -- now to get off the pc and actually install it

and just so that you don't think I live the "FABULOUS LIFE" I did get 5 bills in the mail today --

Sorry for the CRAZY ORDER OF THE PICS -- ???

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Anonymous said...

I love the Scrap Room too! Great blog.