Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hurry up and WAIT

this was my day today

hurry up to get ready for my doctor's appt. only to find I needed to reschedule it until later in the day

hurry up to get to said doctor's appt. only to wait -- i seriously wanted to take a nap while i waited in the exam room for the doctor -- DOES ANYONE ELSE EVER WANT TO DO THAT -- really how often do you find yourself in a QUIET - CLEAN environment such as that -- now if they would just stock the rooms with pillows and blankets i would have been all set --

anyway i think the doctor forgot about me or something cause i waited for a long time and then when he came in he was apologetic and stuff -- WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT -- totally sensing a "oops i messed up" man vibe ---

OK so to make up for my UN PRODUCTIVE DAY - i am going to scrap like CRAZY tonight -- i am soooo excited

Hope everyone is having a BLESSED DAY

1 comment:

Emily said...

I have an idea for your fake vacation

1. Order in Chinese food for china (Use chopsticks)
2. Get some Native American music from the library and look online for some dances
3. Check out Family they always have fun stuff