Thursday, July 20, 2006


my dear sweet friend sent me these today - THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL -- and she really shouldn't have - but i greatly appreciate it -- and they came at the perfect time -- i had taken the kids out to run errands - had to get my nephew (almost 2) a birthday present -- had to get my circle journal (hobby lobby has albums and refills at 1/2 off right now) and I was stressed because the kids kept YELLING IN THE CAR (or talking on HIGH- it felt like they were screaming in my ear)-- i had a horrible headache - i was a little SHORT FUSED and on edge to say the least and then with today being, well, you know - things weren't going so well -- we got trapped at hobby lobby for about an hour because IT WAS POURING DOWN so now it is almost 5pm and i still needed to go to the grocery store - so at that point i decided we were not getting groceries today- we stopped at chick-fil-a for take out and as i pulled up into the driveway i saw this BIG LONG BOX by the front door -- I WAS SO SURPRISED -- and it really did make me feel better - (i still have a headache but the roses smell LOVELY) :)
THANK YOU ERIN -- Perfect timing
And thanks the LORD for blessing me with friends as sweet as mine


Erin said...

They came out very nice!! I just hoped they'd bring a little joy into your heart today.

Much love!

Christi said...

Beautiful flowers!
Love ya.