Saturday, July 29, 2006


Sorry I haven't posted much lately
My little brother (ok so he isn't LITTLE any more - almost 21 - and sadly he is about a foot taller than me too) has come to visit for a few days - he and dh went to an ASTROS game with a friend -- and i am here with the kids -- so i thought i would jump online and blog real quick --

Now I love my STROS so normally i would probably COMPLAIN about missing the game (and i did just a little) but on a positive note I DIDN'T have to COOK

but i will say that TRENT -- you totally owe me a night out at the ball park - ;0) hee hee

maybe i can get some good pics of my brother while he is here -- and if it is ok with him i will share them with all of YOU--

more next week
bye for now


Pastel. said...


nice blog!

have a nice day!

Andrea From Chile.

Christi said...

How is your bro??