Thursday, May 15, 2008

Which TV Mom are YOU??

Take this test!
You are Claire Huxtable from The Cosby Show. You have high expectations for your children, just like you have high expectations for yourself. You've probably got your own life and your own career, but nothing is more fun than spending time with your family. You may be a professional woman, but you enjoy getting silly with the kids sometimes.

You want good kids, but you also want them to be successful, smart individuals who can speak their minds — as long as they do so respectfully. While you enjoy being the kind of mom that your kids can come to with a problem, you are not afraid to set them straight when they're acting badly. When it comes to discipline, you try treat your kids like adults, talking calmly and coolly. And that's ultimately why they're going to grow up with such unwavering respect for you — as both a mother and a successful person.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Holy Spirit and Honeybuns

This story was too cute not to post so here goes

Makenna was supposed to eat breakfast at school - they were scheduled to have Cereal, whole wheat toast, and milk. She decided for some reason to eat a honeybun at home but declared she still wanted to eat breakfast at school too -- I didn't mind because that honeybun had no nutrional value anyway.

When I picked her up in the carpool line she was upset --
Makenna: Are you sure they were supposed to have cereal today?
Me: Yes honey - that is what was on the menu.
Makenna: Well it is a good thing that I ate that honeybun because they DIDN'T have cereal they had muffins with raisins - And you KNOW I don't like those.
Me: Yes I guess it IS good
Makenna: I don't know why I even wanted a honeybun
then Noah chimed in
Noah: Makenna that was the Holy Spirit looking out for you - it told you to eat the honeybun - God knows the future you know -- so He knew they weren't have cereal today -- He knows EVERYTHING

Whistle While you Work

Haven't blogged in a while - been busy working
Started a part-time gig with a nearby Scrapbook Store
LOVE IT THERE - love being so close to all those lovely
products everyday - it is so inspiring -- ALL THE BAZZILL
arranged by color is probably my favorite thing - all those fun
colors just make my heart happy -- it is the simple things right :D