Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Holy Spirit and Honeybuns

This story was too cute not to post so here goes

Makenna was supposed to eat breakfast at school - they were scheduled to have Cereal, whole wheat toast, and milk. She decided for some reason to eat a honeybun at home but declared she still wanted to eat breakfast at school too -- I didn't mind because that honeybun had no nutrional value anyway.

When I picked her up in the carpool line she was upset --
Makenna: Are you sure they were supposed to have cereal today?
Me: Yes honey - that is what was on the menu.
Makenna: Well it is a good thing that I ate that honeybun because they DIDN'T have cereal they had muffins with raisins - And you KNOW I don't like those.
Me: Yes I guess it IS good
Makenna: I don't know why I even wanted a honeybun
then Noah chimed in
Noah: Makenna that was the Holy Spirit looking out for you - it told you to eat the honeybun - God knows the future you know -- so He knew they weren't have cereal today -- He knows EVERYTHING

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amberhelga said...

how cute ! i love when kids see things that god has done for them ! great story to share!