Wednesday, October 31, 2007

10-26 thru 10-31

OK -- so here is yet another CATCH UP POST FROM ME -- I must be the worst blogger alive .... maybe not the worst but at least I have a good excuse this time ;) :D :P

10-26 Friday until 10-28 Sunday -- still had the yuckies - not sure if it was from the radiation or just some random stomach thing ??? thank goodness my momma is here - I have been SLEEPING all the time -- She must be bored to death -- She has taken the kids to Target a few times and of course to the Dollar Tree (they had $2.00 a piece from recycling cans)

Sunday afternoon Kenneth came over and did pumpkins/jack o' lanterns with the kids they had a good time - Noah wanted nothing to do with cleaning out the inside of the pumpkin :D ;) to slimy for him

10-29 - Monday -Heath called - he was in San Antonio for a business training - I drove out to see him (only about 3 hours) VERY SPUR OF THE MOMENT -- literally decided to do it in about 30 minutes and within an hour of him asking me to come (5:30pm) I was gassed up and on the road - I felt so guilty about not being able to bring the kids along (school and stuff) but it was so nice to be able to just be with my husband. Lucky for me my mom was here and willing to take care of my kiddos for me - She ROCKS!!!

10-30 Tuesday - Spent the day in San Antonio with Heath and he changed his flight until Wednesday so we could have another night together - We went to the RIVER WALK - very romantic at night - Had dinner outside and then headed back to the hotel -

10-31 Wednesday - Dropped Heath off at the airport in San Antonio and drove back to Houston - Shopped a bit with my mom and then it was time to get the kids off the bus and before we knew it it was time to get them ready to go trick or treating - We went with Melissa and her crew - the kids made out like bandits this year - this was the first year that they didn't go to 5-6 houses and want to stop -- I am sure it helped that they were with a group of kids -- They had such a great time ---

Makenna was Cleopatra and Noah was Ash (a Pokemon Trainer)

Friday, October 26, 2007

back again

just to say that I MISS YOU BABE - isn't that pathetic -- I know I can be TOO MUCH at times but I want to call and tell him but he has such a HUGE day tomorrow that I don't want to disturb him

I can't sleep - never imagined I would be going to bed all alone on our 10 year anniversary

- ok - so enough is enough I am putting on my "BIG GIRL PANTIES" as my friend Molly would say - I am going to suck it up - stop my whining and just shut down the pc - turn off the lights and just go to be already - I can do this....... right

peace out ;)

the yucky side of it all

so here is my little grip session
- just to keepin' it real -
  • I really don't like nausea
  • but I like diarrhea even less
oh and ......

that's is all I am saying - now I am going to follow that up with some positives
  • Round One of Radiation is OVER!!! (praying there is no need for round 2)
  • We had our first showing on the house while I was in the hospital - and though there was no offer - we got some great feedback
  • My mom is here :D :D :D
  • My kids are coming home tomorrow - and though i have to stay 6 feet away from them I am just so thankful to have them back at home :D :D
  • Heath is COMING HOME on the 4th -- I totally can't wait!!!!
  • Ashlee didn't have her baby last night - I really want her to wait until I get to Oklahoma so hopefully God will sell this house quickly :)



10-24 I AM FREE

First and foremost I just want to PRAISE GOD - Not only did he bring me home safe and sound from the hospital but I was able to come home a day early -- I like to think I was paroled early for good behavior ;) but I am CERTAIN it has something to do with all of you prayer warriors -- THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Not feeling WONDERFUL but at the same time not feeling as bad as I thought it could be. Having a few issues with eyesight and lots of muscle spasms but that is due to my TSH being so high and not due to the radiation.

They put me on two different thyroid medications to try to bring my TSH level up faster - I may/may not be going to the endochrinologist tomorrow? But the next BIG THING will be my total body scan on Nov 5th - this will tell them

1. if any thyroid cells are left - if so we will do more radiation
2. if there is any cancer anywhere else in my body

So please pray for those things specifically as well as for my entire family.



Sunday, October 21, 2007

Solitary Confinement ;) TAGGED and SHOUT OUT TO K

So I am running around today like a chicken with its head cut off doing all those last minute things that one "remembers" that need to be done before I head off to what I am currently referring to "solitary confinement" (although it sounds like a punishment one gets while misbehaving in prison - I like it better than Radiation - and since this is MY BLOG ;) I get to call it whatever I want)

this is the part where everyone nods their head in agreement

are you nodding?????

there you go


Tag, you're it! tagged me.

Here are the rules which must be posted on your blog if you are tagged:
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2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
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Here's 7 facts about me:

  • I don't like to be bossed. (although God is teaching me obedience can be an awesome thing)

  • I am missing my husband more and more each and every passing second. Thursday is our 10 year anniversary!

  • Right now I am more calm about the Cancer than I am about the other drama in my life.

  • My friends ROCK! God has blessed me tremendously in this department. I have come to see them as "the FAMILY you get to CHOOSE".

  • I think sometimes we go through crazy things so we can be reminded that we do need HIM - I think HE wants us to recognize that and call out to HIM. HE is the only ONE that can be there for us every second of every day. HE is the only ONE that will NEVER LET US DOWN.

  • I am totally rockin' out to BETTER DAYS by Robbie Seay Band - I have been trying to figure out how to add a music player to my blog with this song but I can't ever get it to play :( This is an awesome song so check it out if you can - i think it is on youtube ?? OH and if you know how to add music to your blog feel free to throw me a bone and give me a how to in the comments.

  • I went over my allowance last month - (but it was to buy a clip it up) my hubby said he would make me one but he has enough on his plate ;) the least I could do was take that off his "to do" list ..... right??? ;)

Now, here's who I'm tagging:


LindaN (but i like to call her MOMMY even though we aren't biologically related)






----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wanted to send a quick shout out to my SISTER IN CHRIST -- KARENGirl I LUB LUB LUB U and your words meant more than I could ever express with words!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

In the Details

I scored over 100 - gee i must be smart ;)
had my bloodwork done today - and the nurse at the oncologists office decided to do a CBC too because I have been feeling so badly - wasn't sure what it was - I thought it could just be the cooler weather we have had lately or just all the dampness/rain - but it looks as though it is due to my TSH being over 100. I needed it to be a 50 to start radiation on Monday (normal range is consider to be between .3 and 3.0) I totally blew that out of the water ;) so guess who has a ticket to the hospital for Mon-Thurs.

(said in my best spartan cheerleader voice from SNL)

Send up some prayers for my fam ... would ya
Heath is still in OKLAHOMA
and the kids will be staying with Nicole (whom I often refer to as FUN MOM) she is a wonderful friend who offered to help out.

It seems almost CrAzY to me sometimes when I think of all that is going on - and sometimes I feel really beaten down -- like i am out on a ledge and just begging for someone to throw me a rope or something - Then God does something that ONLY HE COULD DO and I just set back in AWWWE of Him --

Life is GOOD when GOD is in the DETAILS

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

While most are sleeping

I am playing on the computer/ blogging and just thinking these random thoughts
  • Thinking about how much I miss my husband
  • about what I can do to help my kids adjust to it all
  • what my stinkin' TSH level will be on Thursday
  • how nice it was to go back to bed for a few hours today
  • about how much fun it was when my two friends woke me up and MADE ME GO TO LUNCH WITH THEM (u know who u r) -- ok so the waking me up part wasn't fun but once i was out of the house I had a really good time -
  • and about how today has been so much better (spiritually) for me - had some great quiet time last night and it made a HUGE difference in my attitude today -

so now i say goodbye and I am hoping to enjoy a nice long hot bath and some more quite time with God -- hope HE is still up (good thing we don't really have to ever worry about that) :P :) ;)

Here is some total Momsense

you have to check this out -- I am sure ALL MOMS can RELATE to this one
too funny - anita renfroe really nailed this -- love the last couple of lines


Monday, October 15, 2007

Tied Together With a SMILE

but coming UNDONE

today I can't help but wondering - What the HECK was I thinking ???!?!?!!!? I couldn't have been serious when I told my husband - insisted in fact - that he take this job in Oklahoma - after all "it is an awesome opportunity -Don't worry about me and the kids - I can handle it - I will stay and sell the house - oh and that cancer - I can totally kick it's rear... in my spare time of course ;) :D :P "

Was I freakin' smokin' CrAcK????

Ok - just typing that makes me feel better -- it is out there and not replaying in my brain anymore - and really I CAN DO THIS - if I couldn't God wouldn't be allowing all of this to happen. So here is to hoping I can actually get some sleep tonight - (and Heath too) - and if not in my bedroom I am going to move down to the sofa -

Thanks for listening
and baby if you are reading this -- I am totally OK - don't worry - I miss you and love you So SO MUCH!!!

10-14 Oklahoma Bound

Heath left this morning and I have been a DISASTER -- I tried to hold it together - No UgLy crying but I definitely had tears in my eyes -- I think I was driving him crazy but I went back out to his truck at least 3 times to give him "one last kiss goodbye"

Noah did better than I expected - I figured he would be the one having the worst time saying goodbye (he was so brave) but it was Makenna - She even asked Heath if she could just go to Oklahoma with him. I of course went upstairs and behind closed doors had a good cry.

We got ready for church and headed out - The kids and I went by ourselves to church - and with the kids in Sunday School it was really hard standing in service and not having Heath beside me to worship. We did have a guest Worship Leader who was amazing though - so that at least helped to keep me focused. He was really ROCKIN' OUT -- and it was so AWESOME

After church -we ate with Drema and of course Makenna wanted to go to her house so she offered to keep the kids while I went to Wal-mart ---- What a LIFESAVER -- that place was a mad house -- and it totally reminded me why I DON'T SHOP on the weekends -- it took an hour and 45 min. and I didn't have to get very much -- UGGGH -- and then when I got home i realized I had to unload everything by MYSELF -- yuck - Heath usually doesn't the unloading and I put stuff away --

Every little thing seems to remind me just how much I already miss my husband. I was putting away laundry and found a pair of khaki shorts he left here and you wouldn't believe how upset I got when I realized this would be the last time I put away his laundry for at least 3 weeks -- I can't even walk into our room without tearing up.

The kids didn't go to bed when they were supposed to - they kept trying to get me to let them sleep in my bed - that is a habit I don't want to start -- it was almost 11 before Noah finally fell asleep - The dog was even acting a fool' tonight -- I guess everyone is missing Heath

10-9 thru 10-13

another post just to catch up

Sat. 10-13 Heath and the kids planted the flowers and the house looks so good - makes me happy everytime I walk up the side walk :D :D - working on a few last minute things and heath had to pack :(

Fri. 10-12 More work on the house - same old same old - Made another trip to Lowe's (for flowers and pots)- they seem to be getting ALL OF OUR MONEY LATELY ;) Friday evening we went out to Melissa's and the kids watched Surf's Up :D :D They are really going to miss their cousins when we move - guess we had better soak it up while we can

Thurs. 10-11 Heath and his dad did the yard work - now I just have to buy some flowers and some pots - I worked in the house - more spackle and paint :) -- Thursday night we went to a JV Football game - the kids had a great time and it was nice to get out of the house and forget about all the work we "should" be doing

Wed. 10-10 - HOUSE STUFF -- blah blah blah -- for dinner we all got together at Ken and Drema's (including Melissa and her crew) couldn't stay out too late because the kids had school the next day but the kids enjoyed being together

Tues. 10-9 House stuff - finished up the baseboards FINALLY and on to spackling the nicks and nail holes - We rented Evan Almighty and had Family Movie Night - :D :D

Monday, October 08, 2007

what's upper

Still cleaning

Saturday - cleaned -

Sunday - worked on A-Z class layout

Monday - Since the kids were out of school we took them to the DOWNTOWN AQUARIUM -- We had a blast and we were able to see all kinds of cool fish. Attached a photo of an OCTOPUS

Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday 10-5



Thursday 10-04

I found out today that my TSH levelisn't were it needs to be (needs to be 50+ to start radiation and it is 31.4) UGGGGGGGH -- so instead of starting on Monday while my husband is still here (he leaves for Oklahoma for his new promotion on the 14th)I will go back and retest in 2 weeks and then have to see what the results are all over again only this time I will have to find someone to keep the kids for the 4-5 days i am in the hospital and then an additional 7-10 days afterward --

I am so upset about this I am upset about the whole thing - this cancer crap is really crampin' my style and it is totally turning into a DICTATORSHIP -- and i am sick of it -- I had made peace with leaving my kids with their dad to go into the hospital (i don't like being away from the kids) and now I am going to have to leave them with someone who doesn't know their routines/schedules -

I can only imagine how hard it is going to be on everyone especially the kids -- their dad is going to be GONE and now their momma will be out of reach for a long while as well --


Thursday, October 04, 2007


Monday, September 10, 2007

Not Your Ordinary A-Z Challenge

Not Your Ordinary A-Z Challenge Workshop!Ready to Rock-n-Roll? Can you stand a major shot of scrapping mojo? Are you a giggler or an all out laugher? Can you handle classes like Crabbie Patties, Kiss Me You Fool, Boy Is He Ripped, and more?

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We have plenty of inspiration lined up with our amazing workshop Design Team featuring Shirley Standifird, Julie Walton, Jessica Chastain along with Guest Designers Brenda Carpenter and Shawnna Samples! (that is me!!!!)

Check The ScrapRoom website for a free class sample and sign up information!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

13 Things

The Lucky 13 Things You Need to Know About Me

1. Scrapbooking rules are made to be broken….I don’t follow them anyway. Heck, I pretty much break all rules in life. I’m dangerous. I’m a rebel.

2. I am doer, not a procrastinator. I like to “Git R Done!”

3. Creating is my passion. It can turn a crappy day into a joyous one.

4. I love Target. Sometimes I wonder if they would notice if I just moved in.

5. I am a night owl. I save getting up early for the birds.

6. I would say I’m fairly organized, but somehow my pile of things to organize multiplies like rabbits.

7. Joy is a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.

8. I love fall. We don’t get it in Houston, but I love it.

9. Family is everything to me. My husband and kids can drive me up the wall, but I would be lost without them.

10. Color rocks. I love color so much every room of my house has a different color of paint. This makes it hard to put your house on the market, but it makes me smile.

11. Sweet tea, owls, hedgehogs, flipflops, turquoise, avocado green, pretzels and chocolate chips, Scenic Route, and Yankee Candles make me weak in the knees.

12. Music sooths the savage beast and the determined scrapper. John Mayer, Counting Crows, and Jack Johnson are my current faves.

13. Most importantly I love me some Jesus, and I don’t mind saying so!

thanks for helping me E!!!!

Monday, October 01, 2007


Finding myself in much better spirits
very busy - still tired - but gettin' er done
(that is redneck for making progress) ;)

I figure 2 SAD DAYS and what 2-3 MAD DAYS
isn't too bad for a gal with cancer - right?? :P

so this weekend the kids got to spend their allowances
and we picked out halloween costumes
I got a steal of a deal on a leather sofa and loveseat off
of craigslist -- UNBELIEVABLE DEAL

check out your area listings

Finally won the battle on buying some new towels
Heath was totally against it after all ours are just coming
unravelled - and only a few had holes ;) I explained we
needed a few to stage the house with and if we were going
to buy a few we should go ahead and get a whole set
for a while he stood firm -- "We are not going to buy
SHOW TOWELS" -- he took this from the line in The Break
Up where Gary played by Vince Vaughn is arguing with his
wife about SHOW LEMONS she wanted for a centerpiece.
I will say though that Heath did get points for his valiant effort
but the VICTORY was all mine ;) :P and now i am the lovely owner
of some beautiful beige SHOW TOWELS

Church on Sunday and then Chinese for lunch - a trip to Sam's where
i bought a enormous pack of paper plates - I shouldn't have to wash a
plate for at least 2 months ;) - finally we made our way to Target

Today was PURGING - DONATING - PACKING and some cleaning
*disclaimer: Cleaning was almost entirely done by my neighbor Molly
who is one of my bestest buds*
did you know she cleaned one of my toilets without me even asking- now
that folks is LOVE

We worked on the downstairs bath - the laundry room and a little work in the kitchen
we will pick up in the Kitchen tomorrow and are hoping to also do the dining room - family room - and front living room
not sure if we can get all that done in one day but we are going to try :D :D

So let's all give 3 cheers to the MR. CLEAN MAGIC ERASERS who are now also on my bestest buddy list :D :D :D