Monday, October 15, 2007

10-14 Oklahoma Bound

Heath left this morning and I have been a DISASTER -- I tried to hold it together - No UgLy crying but I definitely had tears in my eyes -- I think I was driving him crazy but I went back out to his truck at least 3 times to give him "one last kiss goodbye"

Noah did better than I expected - I figured he would be the one having the worst time saying goodbye (he was so brave) but it was Makenna - She even asked Heath if she could just go to Oklahoma with him. I of course went upstairs and behind closed doors had a good cry.

We got ready for church and headed out - The kids and I went by ourselves to church - and with the kids in Sunday School it was really hard standing in service and not having Heath beside me to worship. We did have a guest Worship Leader who was amazing though - so that at least helped to keep me focused. He was really ROCKIN' OUT -- and it was so AWESOME

After church -we ate with Drema and of course Makenna wanted to go to her house so she offered to keep the kids while I went to Wal-mart ---- What a LIFESAVER -- that place was a mad house -- and it totally reminded me why I DON'T SHOP on the weekends -- it took an hour and 45 min. and I didn't have to get very much -- UGGGH -- and then when I got home i realized I had to unload everything by MYSELF -- yuck - Heath usually doesn't the unloading and I put stuff away --

Every little thing seems to remind me just how much I already miss my husband. I was putting away laundry and found a pair of khaki shorts he left here and you wouldn't believe how upset I got when I realized this would be the last time I put away his laundry for at least 3 weeks -- I can't even walk into our room without tearing up.

The kids didn't go to bed when they were supposed to - they kept trying to get me to let them sleep in my bed - that is a habit I don't want to start -- it was almost 11 before Noah finally fell asleep - The dog was even acting a fool' tonight -- I guess everyone is missing Heath

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