Friday, October 26, 2007

the yucky side of it all

so here is my little grip session
- just to keepin' it real -
  • I really don't like nausea
  • but I like diarrhea even less
oh and ......

that's is all I am saying - now I am going to follow that up with some positives
  • Round One of Radiation is OVER!!! (praying there is no need for round 2)
  • We had our first showing on the house while I was in the hospital - and though there was no offer - we got some great feedback
  • My mom is here :D :D :D
  • My kids are coming home tomorrow - and though i have to stay 6 feet away from them I am just so thankful to have them back at home :D :D
  • Heath is COMING HOME on the 4th -- I totally can't wait!!!!
  • Ashlee didn't have her baby last night - I really want her to wait until I get to Oklahoma so hopefully God will sell this house quickly :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Being positive is the first start on getting better. The second is having family around ven if it is 5-6 feet away. Knowing that your DH is going to be by your side soon even for a couple of hours is the GREATEST of all.