Wednesday, October 03, 2007

13 Things

The Lucky 13 Things You Need to Know About Me

1. Scrapbooking rules are made to be broken….I don’t follow them anyway. Heck, I pretty much break all rules in life. I’m dangerous. I’m a rebel.

2. I am doer, not a procrastinator. I like to “Git R Done!”

3. Creating is my passion. It can turn a crappy day into a joyous one.

4. I love Target. Sometimes I wonder if they would notice if I just moved in.

5. I am a night owl. I save getting up early for the birds.

6. I would say I’m fairly organized, but somehow my pile of things to organize multiplies like rabbits.

7. Joy is a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.

8. I love fall. We don’t get it in Houston, but I love it.

9. Family is everything to me. My husband and kids can drive me up the wall, but I would be lost without them.

10. Color rocks. I love color so much every room of my house has a different color of paint. This makes it hard to put your house on the market, but it makes me smile.

11. Sweet tea, owls, hedgehogs, flipflops, turquoise, avocado green, pretzels and chocolate chips, Scenic Route, and Yankee Candles make me weak in the knees.

12. Music sooths the savage beast and the determined scrapper. John Mayer, Counting Crows, and Jack Johnson are my current faves.

13. Most importantly I love me some Jesus, and I don’t mind saying so!

thanks for helping me E!!!!

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ashlee said...

let me know how the target thing works out for ya...cause I am in TOTAL agreement!!!!!!