Monday, October 15, 2007

10-9 thru 10-13

another post just to catch up

Sat. 10-13 Heath and the kids planted the flowers and the house looks so good - makes me happy everytime I walk up the side walk :D :D - working on a few last minute things and heath had to pack :(

Fri. 10-12 More work on the house - same old same old - Made another trip to Lowe's (for flowers and pots)- they seem to be getting ALL OF OUR MONEY LATELY ;) Friday evening we went out to Melissa's and the kids watched Surf's Up :D :D They are really going to miss their cousins when we move - guess we had better soak it up while we can

Thurs. 10-11 Heath and his dad did the yard work - now I just have to buy some flowers and some pots - I worked in the house - more spackle and paint :) -- Thursday night we went to a JV Football game - the kids had a great time and it was nice to get out of the house and forget about all the work we "should" be doing

Wed. 10-10 - HOUSE STUFF -- blah blah blah -- for dinner we all got together at Ken and Drema's (including Melissa and her crew) couldn't stay out too late because the kids had school the next day but the kids enjoyed being together

Tues. 10-9 House stuff - finished up the baseboards FINALLY and on to spackling the nicks and nail holes - We rented Evan Almighty and had Family Movie Night - :D :D

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