Monday, October 01, 2007


Finding myself in much better spirits
very busy - still tired - but gettin' er done
(that is redneck for making progress) ;)

I figure 2 SAD DAYS and what 2-3 MAD DAYS
isn't too bad for a gal with cancer - right?? :P

so this weekend the kids got to spend their allowances
and we picked out halloween costumes
I got a steal of a deal on a leather sofa and loveseat off
of craigslist -- UNBELIEVABLE DEAL

check out your area listings

Finally won the battle on buying some new towels
Heath was totally against it after all ours are just coming
unravelled - and only a few had holes ;) I explained we
needed a few to stage the house with and if we were going
to buy a few we should go ahead and get a whole set
for a while he stood firm -- "We are not going to buy
SHOW TOWELS" -- he took this from the line in The Break
Up where Gary played by Vince Vaughn is arguing with his
wife about SHOW LEMONS she wanted for a centerpiece.
I will say though that Heath did get points for his valiant effort
but the VICTORY was all mine ;) :P and now i am the lovely owner
of some beautiful beige SHOW TOWELS

Church on Sunday and then Chinese for lunch - a trip to Sam's where
i bought a enormous pack of paper plates - I shouldn't have to wash a
plate for at least 2 months ;) - finally we made our way to Target

Today was PURGING - DONATING - PACKING and some cleaning
*disclaimer: Cleaning was almost entirely done by my neighbor Molly
who is one of my bestest buds*
did you know she cleaned one of my toilets without me even asking- now
that folks is LOVE

We worked on the downstairs bath - the laundry room and a little work in the kitchen
we will pick up in the Kitchen tomorrow and are hoping to also do the dining room - family room - and front living room
not sure if we can get all that done in one day but we are going to try :D :D

So let's all give 3 cheers to the MR. CLEAN MAGIC ERASERS who are now also on my bestest buddy list :D :D :D


Lynn - Linda - LindaN said...

I am so glad to hear that you are feeling some better. It is hard to pick yourself up and keep going. I admire you for that.
Enjoy those towels, I hope they were bath sheets because those are the best and you can use them when after you sell your home.
Sometimes you just have to splurge on those things just for a lift.
Good towels and good sheets are the best picker-uppers.

ashlee said...

oh...I want some show towels!!!only they would end up covered in paint or some other unidentifiable substance. I must say Target brand magic erasers are my best know fill the house with reminders of my favorite store:)

Erin said...

I so wish I could be there to help. Thank goodness Molly is there. I'm so sorry you're having to do this somewhat on your own combined with not feeling up to it.