Friday, October 19, 2007

In the Details

I scored over 100 - gee i must be smart ;)
had my bloodwork done today - and the nurse at the oncologists office decided to do a CBC too because I have been feeling so badly - wasn't sure what it was - I thought it could just be the cooler weather we have had lately or just all the dampness/rain - but it looks as though it is due to my TSH being over 100. I needed it to be a 50 to start radiation on Monday (normal range is consider to be between .3 and 3.0) I totally blew that out of the water ;) so guess who has a ticket to the hospital for Mon-Thurs.

(said in my best spartan cheerleader voice from SNL)

Send up some prayers for my fam ... would ya
Heath is still in OKLAHOMA
and the kids will be staying with Nicole (whom I often refer to as FUN MOM) she is a wonderful friend who offered to help out.

It seems almost CrAzY to me sometimes when I think of all that is going on - and sometimes I feel really beaten down -- like i am out on a ledge and just begging for someone to throw me a rope or something - Then God does something that ONLY HE COULD DO and I just set back in AWWWE of Him --

Life is GOOD when GOD is in the DETAILS


Laurie said...

You are so right about having God in the details!!! I will be praying for you. Let the fight to healing begin!!! Yay God!

Erin said...

Love you.

Anonymous said...

God is always with you. HE hears you and is listening to all of our prayers too.