Wednesday, October 31, 2007

10-26 thru 10-31

OK -- so here is yet another CATCH UP POST FROM ME -- I must be the worst blogger alive .... maybe not the worst but at least I have a good excuse this time ;) :D :P

10-26 Friday until 10-28 Sunday -- still had the yuckies - not sure if it was from the radiation or just some random stomach thing ??? thank goodness my momma is here - I have been SLEEPING all the time -- She must be bored to death -- She has taken the kids to Target a few times and of course to the Dollar Tree (they had $2.00 a piece from recycling cans)

Sunday afternoon Kenneth came over and did pumpkins/jack o' lanterns with the kids they had a good time - Noah wanted nothing to do with cleaning out the inside of the pumpkin :D ;) to slimy for him

10-29 - Monday -Heath called - he was in San Antonio for a business training - I drove out to see him (only about 3 hours) VERY SPUR OF THE MOMENT -- literally decided to do it in about 30 minutes and within an hour of him asking me to come (5:30pm) I was gassed up and on the road - I felt so guilty about not being able to bring the kids along (school and stuff) but it was so nice to be able to just be with my husband. Lucky for me my mom was here and willing to take care of my kiddos for me - She ROCKS!!!

10-30 Tuesday - Spent the day in San Antonio with Heath and he changed his flight until Wednesday so we could have another night together - We went to the RIVER WALK - very romantic at night - Had dinner outside and then headed back to the hotel -

10-31 Wednesday - Dropped Heath off at the airport in San Antonio and drove back to Houston - Shopped a bit with my mom and then it was time to get the kids off the bus and before we knew it it was time to get them ready to go trick or treating - We went with Melissa and her crew - the kids made out like bandits this year - this was the first year that they didn't go to 5-6 houses and want to stop -- I am sure it helped that they were with a group of kids -- They had such a great time ---

Makenna was Cleopatra and Noah was Ash (a Pokemon Trainer)


stacey/mom2mgec said...

Shawnna, I'm so glad you were able to have a couple of nights with your hubby. I'm sure that helped recharge your battery.

Lan said...

Hope your energy is coming back and you're feeling better. Good to hear you were able to plan a quick get away with your hubbie. The kids costumes sounds so cute, can't wait to see pics.