Saturday, November 03, 2007

Open House

:( today's open house was a BUST -- I was really hoping I would come home to at least ONE contract. Maybe I am just too optomistic. I am trying to be patient but I am missing my husband more and more with every passing second.

We are going to do another OPEN HOUSE next SUNDAY NOVEMBER 11 from 1-4 - so if you know anyone in the Houston area who is looking to buy a house please let me know.

had one showing - the garage couldn't accomodate their vehicle :(
other than that I just cleaned house for the OPEN HOUSE and took Makenna to dance.

My mom had to go back to Oklahoma today :( Missing her already. My brother locked the keys in his car and my mom had his spare set in her purse - it wasn't that big of a deal because she was going to leave on Friday or Saturday anyway but being the "planner" that I am it sort of threw me off a bit - We were able to squeeze in a few hours of shopping before she left -- I love to window shop with my mom - :) :) :) -- It will be nice to live closer to her and spend more time with her.

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ashlee said...

oh I was hoping to hear good news from your open house:(
God has somebody for your house...they just need to hurry up!!!