Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Birthday .....

Happy Birthday to ME

yep -

go me .... it's my birthday

officially still YOUNG ;)

thanks Molly for hangin with me on my special day --
without you I would have been wallowing in pity in my pajama pants all day ....
come on .... you know it is true

I love you girl - and I consider my self so FREAKIN BLESSED to have
been able to hang with you so much since we moved back to Houston

You know I am gonna miss ya -- LOVE YA


Christal said...

Happy Birthday Shawnna~ Hope that you had a great one! Eat lots of yummy cake!

ashlee said...

Happy belated b-day...we should throw a really big party next year for all these nov. b-days.
I think Lucas looks like lee as well...its funny because everyone says he looks like Josiah, your the first to say lee:)