Monday, October 30, 2006


This weekend God taught me a Great lesson
it started by me needing to go on a Retreat
for work -- kind of like a training weekend
from Friday thru Saturday -- I really didn't
want to go -- I had been under the weather
and was coming up with every excuse to skip
out on the event
>didn't want to leave my kids - after all heath
and i had just spent the previous weekend
alone and i MISSED my kiddos
>didn't want to mess with the hassle of taking
the kids to my sister in laws - driving in traffic
to drop them off and them having to drive back
through traffic to pick them up
>didn't want to do laundry before the weekend
just so I would have clean clothes to wear to
this retreat - and the house looked disasterous
>didn't want to share a bed with people i work with
i don't like sharing beds with people (except for my
hubby that is) just seems WEIRD to me
>didn't know if i would LIKE one of my roomates
(very UNchristian of me HUH)

I could go on and on I had it all worked out in my head
I didn't NEED to go - It was going to be horrible
but you know what -- IT WASN'T HORRIBLE - It
was great - and God really should me that HE is in
CONTROL - (he shows me this A LOT - but i am a
little hard headed, if you know what i mean) The
kids were fine and had a great time with their cousins
the house didn't fall apart - and in fact it looked better
when i got home than when i left -- THANKS BABE --
Heath was able to come home to drive the kids there
My roomates were great and i really enjoyed getting
to know them better (hopefully i won't be so quick to
judge from now on) and just for kicks He provided
me with my own FOLD OUT SOFA -- I didn't have
to share a bed with a stranger after all --

GOD is GREAT even in the LITTLE things - like fold
out sofas

Anniversary cont.

these are the flowers
my hubby got me for
our anniversary
isn't he SWEET!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

9 years together

Today Heath and I have been married for 9 years.


today i was thinking about how drastically my life has changed in the past 10.5 years that we have been together - all we have been through - the death of my son, Aasin- our marriage at such a young age - the birth of our son Noah and our daughter Makenna - accepting CHRIST as my Lord and Savior - moving around so much ;) - all of our financial ups and downs - and the regular day to day stuff - trying to make time for each other - as well as time for our FAMILY -

when i think about the number 9 i can't even believe it -- I can remember being married for 3 years - but sometime after that it seems we must have hit a time warp -- NINE - that is a big NUMBER -- 9 -- WOW -- where did it go -

no matter what the number I can say this -- i love my husband more today than i did NINE years ago when i said "I DO" -- and if you would have asked me on that day - "could you possibly LOVE heath anymore tomorrow than you do today" my answer would have been "NO WAY -- it isn't possible for me to love him anymore" - but see that is what is so amazing - Not only did GOD bless me with Heath and his love for me - but he blessed ME with LOVE - a love for HIM - a love for Heath - and a HAPPINESS that I thought I would never feel

so here is to Happily Ever After --
No matter what

"Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Mark 10:9

Monday, October 23, 2006

54 hours

54 hours ? what does that mean you ask ??
the number of HOURS that my husband and I spent ALONE this weekend --

Our Anniversary (9th) is on Wednesday and we were supposed to go to a beach house in galveston (that was cancelled at the last second) so instead of just scraping the whole thing we decided we would have our romantic getaway at our VERY OWN HOUSE -- IT WAS FABULOUS --

I couldn't believe that heath had made all the Beach House plans by himself -- (it wasn't his fault it was cancelled) He arranged for childcare - someone to feed the dog and the turtle -- EVERYTHING -- I was IMPRESSED -- and so thankful -- so even though we didn't do what he had planned (he was more upset about it than i was) I was SO THANKFUL that he put some thought and effort into it -

We really did have a blast -- after all -- we know where the BEST RESTURANTS are here -- and all the great SHOPS --etc. We rented several movies and just cuddled and slept in -- went to the mall -- just did whatever we FELT LIKE DOING --

I so missed him when he went to work today -- bummer - back to the REAL WORLD i guess

The kids had a great time at the in laws -- they were able to spend their allowance $ - and they made carmel apples - went to the park --

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Whoo Hooo


So excited -- I haven't won anything on CK before and I am always entering their give aways ---- FUN --

Wednesday, October 18, 2006



just read that Rhonna is closing her blog - Cathy Z already shut hers down and Tara is no longer a Garden Girl at 2peas -- WHAT IS THIS WORLD coming to???

- GASP -

These ladies have all inspired me in so many ways. I will for sure miss stalking Rhonna and Cathy on their blogs, and I will SO MISS seeing Tara's creations at 2peas.

Thanks Ladies

Monday, October 16, 2006


finding so many old friends on myspace -- where have i been?? -- and why didn't i sign up sooner?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Stop this Train

Layout I did last week

Friday - Saturday

I have been horrible about keeping up with my blog lately - SORRY

Friday -- had a WW meeting -- gained 0.4 pounds but i am thinking it was just the CLOTHES ;) seriously - we had a 75 degree day and i had a long sleeve shirt on and pants instead of my usual sleeveless shirt and gaucho attire -- that could be it, RIGHT?? really though i am getting so frustrated measuring out EVERYTHING -- takes up a lot of TIME - and as a working MOMMY i don't have lots of that to spare -
after the meeting Molly and i spent the day together -- I AM SO THANKFUL that God has brought us together - she is a great friend and we are having so much fun together -- and no i am not saying this because she bought me a starbucks coffee on friday ;) we ended up getting the kids off the bus and playing down at her house - and we all had dinner together - and can i just say that her hubby did some amazing work in the kitchen -- i was seriously impressed -- KUDOS to you MIKE!

Saturday -- nothing out of the norm -- heath had to work and i read A LOT -- and tried to do some laundry - straightened up the house -- nothing to exciting

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Friday 10-6 -- went to Weight Watchers meeting - lost 1.6 pounds - not bad - would have liked to loose more but i am not complaining - at least i lost and didn't gain -- rode 6 miles on my bike -- WOW -- making my total for the week 26miles

Saturday 10-7 my nephew stayed the night with Noah -- they played so well together - not one single disagreement -- HEATH WAS OFF of work - enjoyed having him home with us

Sunday 10-8 - heath bought shipley donuts -- can you say SABATOGE-- bought me two MAPLE DONUTS my fav -- i couldn't resist - after all if i didn't eat them they would go to waste -- no one else likes maple -- POINTS are RUINED for the day -- i couldn't even find out how to look up the point in the book -- THAT MUST BE A BAD SIGN ;)

Monday- 10-9 kids were out of school -- PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE DAY -- it went very well -- Makenna scored 100% on her bench mark tests and Noah wasn't very far behind her -- Teachers had nothing but positives to say about the kids -- WOW -- that is a GREAT FEELING -

Tuesday - 10-10 WORK -- came home with a little headache that turned into a migraine - went to bed at 6 pm and didn't get up until 6:30 the next morning -- OUCH

Wednesday - 10-11 WORK -- usual day -- made the kids chili dogs for diner and then realized i couldn't / didn't want to eat them -- the hot dog itself had 5 points - not counting the bun or the chili and cheese(the good stuff) -- :( -- i really wanted that darn CHILI DOG -- so i ended up eating 5 points worth of DARK CHOCOLATE hershey kisses -- i should have just eaten the freakin hot dog

also did a layout on Monday -- here is the link if you would like to check it out

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Nicole

to one of my very BESTEST friends
I wish you a lifetime of BLESSINGS and HAPPINESS
I luv ya girl!!!


I am still here
Heath has been working a lot of hours
several open to close shifts -- but almost
always CLOSING so he isn't here at all until
the kids are in bed asleep
Which is HARD for THEM and ME (and i am sure it
is tough on Heath too -- I am really starting to feel it
- I am a little run down -- I guess there are times like
this that make me think "Heath giving the kids their BATHS is a
BIG DEAL " I really miss him being here in the evenings

Makenna is really testing me lately -- she seems to ask WHY anytime i say something she doesn't like -- URGHHH -- That is SO disrespectful - so hopefully today I made it clear that saying "WHY" is the same as ARGUING / and is TALKING BACK -- we shall see ;0)

Noah had a tough time on the bus today - he is feeling lonely and even told me he was "all alone - just like a MONK" where does he get these things - i just don't know but we talked through it - hopefully tomorrow will be easier for him

I am going to Weight Watchers tomorrow -- EEEEKK --- nervous about weighing in --- I feel off the wagon last week end as far a food is concerned but i have rode my bike 4 times this week already - going 4 miles every night -- but today i went during the day before the kids got off the bus and i only did 2 miles -- it was +90 degrees so i am thinking it was still ok -- i was dying out there in that heat -- OUCH --