Sunday, October 15, 2006

Friday - Saturday

I have been horrible about keeping up with my blog lately - SORRY

Friday -- had a WW meeting -- gained 0.4 pounds but i am thinking it was just the CLOTHES ;) seriously - we had a 75 degree day and i had a long sleeve shirt on and pants instead of my usual sleeveless shirt and gaucho attire -- that could be it, RIGHT?? really though i am getting so frustrated measuring out EVERYTHING -- takes up a lot of TIME - and as a working MOMMY i don't have lots of that to spare -
after the meeting Molly and i spent the day together -- I AM SO THANKFUL that God has brought us together - she is a great friend and we are having so much fun together -- and no i am not saying this because she bought me a starbucks coffee on friday ;) we ended up getting the kids off the bus and playing down at her house - and we all had dinner together - and can i just say that her hubby did some amazing work in the kitchen -- i was seriously impressed -- KUDOS to you MIKE!

Saturday -- nothing out of the norm -- heath had to work and i read A LOT -- and tried to do some laundry - straightened up the house -- nothing to exciting

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