Monday, October 23, 2006

54 hours

54 hours ? what does that mean you ask ??
the number of HOURS that my husband and I spent ALONE this weekend --

Our Anniversary (9th) is on Wednesday and we were supposed to go to a beach house in galveston (that was cancelled at the last second) so instead of just scraping the whole thing we decided we would have our romantic getaway at our VERY OWN HOUSE -- IT WAS FABULOUS --

I couldn't believe that heath had made all the Beach House plans by himself -- (it wasn't his fault it was cancelled) He arranged for childcare - someone to feed the dog and the turtle -- EVERYTHING -- I was IMPRESSED -- and so thankful -- so even though we didn't do what he had planned (he was more upset about it than i was) I was SO THANKFUL that he put some thought and effort into it -

We really did have a blast -- after all -- we know where the BEST RESTURANTS are here -- and all the great SHOPS --etc. We rented several movies and just cuddled and slept in -- went to the mall -- just did whatever we FELT LIKE DOING --

I so missed him when he went to work today -- bummer - back to the REAL WORLD i guess

The kids had a great time at the in laws -- they were able to spend their allowance $ - and they made carmel apples - went to the park --

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Christi said...

Happy Anniversary... I hope its a good one today!