Thursday, October 05, 2006


I am still here
Heath has been working a lot of hours
several open to close shifts -- but almost
always CLOSING so he isn't here at all until
the kids are in bed asleep
Which is HARD for THEM and ME (and i am sure it
is tough on Heath too -- I am really starting to feel it
- I am a little run down -- I guess there are times like
this that make me think "Heath giving the kids their BATHS is a
BIG DEAL " I really miss him being here in the evenings

Makenna is really testing me lately -- she seems to ask WHY anytime i say something she doesn't like -- URGHHH -- That is SO disrespectful - so hopefully today I made it clear that saying "WHY" is the same as ARGUING / and is TALKING BACK -- we shall see ;0)

Noah had a tough time on the bus today - he is feeling lonely and even told me he was "all alone - just like a MONK" where does he get these things - i just don't know but we talked through it - hopefully tomorrow will be easier for him

I am going to Weight Watchers tomorrow -- EEEEKK --- nervous about weighing in --- I feel off the wagon last week end as far a food is concerned but i have rode my bike 4 times this week already - going 4 miles every night -- but today i went during the day before the kids got off the bus and i only did 2 miles -- it was +90 degrees so i am thinking it was still ok -- i was dying out there in that heat -- OUCH --

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