Saturday, September 30, 2006


tonight at LUBY'S
i offered my daughter some fried OKRA - because she
said her "green beans tasted funny" - which really meant
that she didn't want them because she was eyeing her
strawberry cheese cake - :D

any way -- she said "No thanks, Mom, I don't like Oprah"
and the funny thing is that she really thinks that it is called OPRAH
I think I see a OKRA scrapbook page in my future ;)

as for Noah - well he has learned to ride a bike ---
STOPPING and TURNING are another story ;) -- he hasn't gotten
those down yet -- to stop he slows down and just bails off the bike altogether and when he turns he doesn't always keep pedaling -- so the bike slows down and just sort of tumps over -- he is so cute though and just so EXCITED -- Heath has worked with him 2 different times for about 30-60 minutes each time -- I really thought it would take longer for him to get the balance thing down - but it just goes to show HE can do all things through CHRIST --- SO STOKED for him -- this is a really big deal for a little boy - any little boy - but I think it may be just a little more important to my little boy - a boy who happens to have Tourette Syndrome - So CONGRATULATIONS to you, NOAH, my dear sweet boy - and not to worry - you will soon learn to STOP and TURN the bike too -- I just KNOW it


annette said...

congrats to Noah!! Riding a bike is a BIG let him enjoy the thrill of it.

Really love reading your blog...


Christi said...

OOH... NOAH!!! Do you have pictures??? SEND to ME PLLLEEEEAAASSSEEEE! JonCollin did that same thing.. he would just bale off the bike! I can just picture Noah doing that... hee hee hee! That is such a neat thing for boys when they learn to ride their bikes! Heath picked up riding his bike FAST.. me on the other hand, it took me FOREVER.. I was scared of falling off! Heath would build these huge ramps in the front yard and jump off stuff! You will have to ask him about that! He was evil conevil when it came to his biking!

ashlee said...

where in the world is shawnna?? missing your posts!