Friday, September 08, 2006


i can't believe it has been a whole week since i blogged -- OMGoodness -- i have been such a BAD BLOGGER -- SHAME ON ME --- ;)

things of course have been busy - still trying to find me groove -- if you happen to see it running around - please send it home to me --

on a positive note -- LAUNDRY is almost CAUGHT UP -- Heath helped me out last night - he did a load of dishes and several loads of laundry -- What a GREAT husband i have -- LOVE that GUY -- he helps me out a ton -- i usually have to ask - because like most guys HE CAN'T SEE DIRT - so he doesn't just do something because it NEEDS to be done - but if i ask him for help he always lends a hand -- :D

also this weekend is the online crop at the scrap room -- - it is from 4pm - 12am - friday and saturday -- we have lots of "classes", challenges, and of course games and prizes -- My class has to do with FLOWERS and is tonight from 10-12 so stop in and say HI would ya -- ;)

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