Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Magic Mommy Wand

now that Makenna is SICK -
i am starting to think we have some
serious STREP COOTIES in the house

makenna got sick on Monday night and was vomitting every few hours during the night - i thought it was some sort of stomach virus but she couldn't keep anything down on tuesday - so i called her doctor's office and left a message for a nurse to call me - when they finally called me back 6 hours later (6:00 p.m.) the nurse said to bring her in because some of the other kids with strep have been vomitting as well- she had a doctor apt today -- SHE HAS STREP TOO -- she seemed to be feeling better and even ate a little today around 3 (she wouldn't eat dinner though) - but then tonight she started vomitting again -- i felt so bad for her - i am sure you moms know how hard it is when one of your children are sick -- they cry and beg and plead for you to fix it - to make them better - Makenna was crying saying "Mommy what will make it stop? I don't want throw up to come out of my nose - it hurts" --- I REALLY wished i could WAVE my "magic mommy wand" and take it all away -- so tonight i am thinking -- I REALLY NEED THAT FREAKIN' WAND -- if any of you know where we sign up to receive one -- let me know would ya

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Anonymous said...

Well, the story of the Magic Mommy Wand is a good one for sure....reminds me of the spray bottle filled with warm water used to 'kill monsters under the bed'....ya'll we moms need to stick together and find that Wand...