Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday's Thoughts

STREP THROAT is kicking my butt

-- found out i had strep throat yesterday and am now missing my second day of work - I HATE MISSING WORK -

then while Heath was cooking dinner last night (he did this cause i was sick) the oven CAUGHT ON FIRE -- (we think it was just from grease or something) anyway - i realized we didn't have a fire extinguisher - GO OUT AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A COUPLE OF THESE - so Heath ran next door for an extinguisher and i took the kids outside - heath was able to put the fire out - my son was FREAKING out - dd was just wanting to know when the FIRE TRUCK was coming - anyway black smoke was everywhere - (it is a good thing we have two sets of french doors in the family room -which is connected to the kitchen) we just opened the doors - turned on some fans and watched as the smoke and dust from the fire extinguisher billowed out of the house --- Anyway the kids went to my in-laws house and we began CLEANING - which took about 4 hours - so the kids came home and took a bath and were in bed at 9 their usual bedtime is 8 at the latest - so lets just say we had a hard time getting them off to school today -

so today i think i feel worse than YESTERDAY - and had a fever AGAIN this morning

and on top of all of that i am so stressed about money lately -- YUCK -- i wish we could go back to BARTERING

ok i am through whining -- thanks for listening


annette said...

You poor little thing. It is bad enough to be so sick but then to have the fire and all of the work and upset that involves....I hope you can stay in bed and and sleep today with the house quiet.

I hope your kids realize all is okay since the fire...I didn't know your inlaws lived close to is nice you have them....

Worring about $$$ can sometimes be our worst nightmare...yet I think we all have had those days and we can hope some day yours will be nothing but a 'yukky' memory.

rest well....

Christi said...

OH MY GOSH! You guys have the worst luck sometimes! I hate that your sick!!! Make my brother take care of you!!! Kiss the kids for me.. on second thought, dont kiss the kids! They dont need to get sick too! Just tell them Aunt Sissy said she loves them and to help take care of you!
Loves to you!

ashlee said...

im glad your house wasn't damaged...ronnie told me about it .
im so sorry you have praying for ya girl!!