Friday, September 01, 2006


I made it - it is finally FRIDAY --
today I have to clean the house and i
am hoping to clean the carpets - and
hopefully manage to FINISH the laundry
that i have been "working" on ALL WEEK
So now that i am adorned with my GRUBBY
after i blog of course ;)

Actually I don't really have much to say
but i will continue to ramble if it means
a few more minutes without having to
scrub toilets -- Do you ever find yourself
blogging for no apparent reason - without
anything SPECIAL to say - just to get out
of something that will still be waiting for you
once you publish the post you are working on-
If so, well, I guess we have something in common

2 cute things my kids said last night

Noah -- asked if he could have a WHOLE soda
and said that he once DRANK a whole soda at
grandmommy's house - and that is how he new
he was a REAL man - cause the TEST of a true
man is being able to drink a WHOLE CAN OF

Makenna - after opening a fortune cookie she asked
me to read the fortune - it said WELCOME CHANGE-
so what does my little girl do - she holds out her hand
and says - BRING ON THE MONEY -- (both kids just
started earning an allowance so she is all about money lately)

Hope you all have a SAFE and FUN holiday



Jody said...

Love it when kids say cute things. Here's one of my latest...
Bella says to me from across the dining room while I'm standing in the kitchen at the sink, "Mommy, You have a big butt!" I spun around ready to tell her to say something nice, and she was holding a magnifying glass up to one eye squinting though it. She said, "This thing makes it look big!" I just had to laugh- bought that thing at the Dollar Store...and we've already gotten our money's worth. Don't know how big my heart is, as you say, but I'm glad you love your Nitty.Gritty! Sweetly

Cheryl Wray said...

That is TOO funny about what your daughter said about the change! My youngest, who's just 2, is always asking for money. LOL!