Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Seriously CHAOTIC around here -- it has been days since i vacuumed and i am surrounded by MOUNTAINS of LAUNDRY -- i really don't know how OTHER working MOMS get EVERYTHING done -If the MOMMY isn't home who does ALL the MOMMY stuff?- feeling OVERWHELMED -- i just keep telling myself NEXT week will be better (i will only work 3 days ;) hopefully ) maybe i can get the laundry tackled and at least vacuum the MIDDLE of the floor ;)

I have been so tired lately - ODDLY TIRED - going to bed at/before midnight tired --

I am almost ALWAYS up past 1 so this is SO STRANGE --

anyway i was thinking about a post i had read on Nitty Gritty (see link on the right side of my blog) - the post about BUMPER STICKERS and i was thinking - if i had to pick a bumper sticker for the way i feel RIGHT NOW it would read


What would your bumper sticker SAY? :D


Jody said...

That's easy...
It would say, "Have you read my blog today?" and then I'd have one with my bloglink. Don't think I'll print any 'Nitty.Gritty. for President' quite yet. I'd like to be too busy with a new scrap career with Creating Keepsakes Magazine. =) Wish me luck- my phone interview is tomorrow!

Sheila said...

Mine would at THIS MINUTE say
"me too"
needing sleep that is, should be sleeping, not blogging - goodnight! ;)