Monday, August 07, 2006


and if the picture doesn't give it away today included MORE SCHOOL SHOPPING -- trying to find the school supplies that didn't get yesterday - (some were sold out) - and buying CLOTHES and SHOES for the kids --


so i made the most of it and got almost all the things on the list (doing a very good job of sticking to my list) i still need 2 shirts - 2 pair of shorts -and a pair of sneakers for noah - (i only found him 2 shirts and 1 pair of shorts today) and for makenna i need 1 shirt and a pair of cute brown shoes -- as for school supplies there are a few random things - like a light blue pocket folder ???? i have seen a ton of regular blue but NO light blue - then there are some specific notebooks for noah that i haven't found anywhere -- (today i visited Palais Royal - Old Navy - 2 Targets - 2 Wal Marts)

Thankfully (for me and the kids) they didn't have to go SHOPPING today - they decide after our trip to wal mart yesterday that they were totally ok with me picking out their school clothes -- So since Heath is now on VACATION (yeah!!!) he took the kids to see BARNYARD - which Noah thought was hilarious -- they also went to Marble Slab Creamery -- YUM YUM i must admit i was a little JEALOUS

and to treat myself since i selflessly missed a movie and Marble Slab ice cream - i drove about 30 minutes out of my way to my FAVORITEST scrapbook store -- I deserved it, RIGHT?? especially when you think about how much money i saved us today (tax free weekend) and not to mention the only items i spent over $10 on were the kids' jeans and they were only $15 at Old Navy -- I love to look for BARGINS -- (bargin shopping means more money for OTHER things)

here is a pic of some GOODIES i got at my not so local scrapbook store - it is MARIDAWN's i love that place (even though i have to drive to KATY) they have so much GREAT STUFF it is worth it -- anyway - i was a good girl and spent a little over 23 bucks and got some great STUFF -- love those JUNKITZ FLOWERZ -- Yum YUM

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Janice said...

I am SOOOOOO jealous!!!! I don't even have any of those Junkitz flowerz yet!!! How is that fair! LOL!!!!!! Enjoy your new goodies!!!