Monday, August 07, 2006


Ok this totally boggles my mind - every year there seems to be another off beat item added to the school supply list -- this year it was A REAM OF XEROX COPY PAPER (wouldn't that be considered office supplies for the school to purchase?) -- but others have been dry erase markers - instant hand sanitizer -- i don't mean to COMPLAIN and i know our teachers work incredibly hard for what little money they do get paid - and i wouldn't want them to spend all of their hard earned money on EXTRAS - but if the list keeps growing at this rate I won't be able to AFFORD the kids school supplies when they are in high school --

ok so anyway - the kids and i went out to buy SCHOOL SUPPLIES and we went to WAL MART - we were there for 2 hours in the same 4 aisles -- IT WAS INSANE and the sad thing is i couldn't find every thing on there lists --- URGGG.......

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Christi said...

I too had to buy copy paper! aides and cough drops! ??? why?