Tuesday, August 22, 2006


wow -- how did it go from FRIDAY to TUESDAY so quickly -- i was really sad when the weekend was over and the kids were going back to school -- i am just not used to them BOTH being gone SO LONG -- i would homeschool them if they would agree to it -- just so i could be around them -- that would be selfish of me -- so NOPE i won't force them -- they love the SOCIAL aspect of school and they do really well academically so i can't really complain too much --

Started my NEW JOB and I am SUPER EXCITED -- I AM NOW Certified in CPR and FIRST AID again -- ;) -- i think after we get through the next week or two it is gonna be smooth sailing -- I know both of the teachers i will be working with -- that is great -- i think i would be NERVOUS if i didn't already know them --

Today i had a tuff moment with Noah -- BROKE MY HEART -- he asked if he would "grow out" of his tics ????? and my answer was -- well we don't know what will happen in the future - they probably won't ever go away completely -(his head dropped in disappointment)- but the good news is that MOST adults with Tourette Syndrome have fewer tics than when they were kids--- THEN -- he asked if it was a DISEASE -- OMGoodness -- it was all i could do to hold in the tears -- then i explained NO it wasn't a disease and that no one can CATCH IT from him -- but it was a genetic disorder and then we started talking about what genetic meant and DNA and a double helix -- then he wanted to draw a double helix so we looked it up on the internet -- anyway -- i said all this to say -- i think we ended on a good note but boy - there were a few minutes today that i just really wanted to fall to my knees -- So tonight i will be praying for my little boy -- and I ask you to do the same -- thanks :)


annette said...

You are such a good mom!

Life is tough enough when all appears to be normal so when we throw in his tics it must seem unbearable for your heart to stand it...there is no one we love more than our children.

thanks for sharing with the story of 'life at your house'...

michellejeanne said...

Great big hugs and some kleenex. What an awesome way to educate him and . You know what IS catching -your spirit!
I haven't shared all the awful possibilties of my 9 yo DD's syndrome with her - I just want to keep her innocent and carefree as long as I can, thankful it's not outwardly visible, and thankful for the medical science... But there really isn't a good time or an easy way to say it, ever, is there? You did great hon.

Anonymous said...

My Son has a genetic disorder called Neurofibromotis (NF) and he is starting to ask more questions too. It is heartwrenching. I will say a prayer for you!!