Friday, August 18, 2006


wow - i am so happy it is friday -- today was super busy for me -- i cleaned the WHOLE HOUSE - top to bottom -- and finished about an hour before the kids came home -- it was so nice coming in from the bus stop to a CLEAN SMELLING house -- I LOVE FABULOSO (sp??) it is the CHEAP cleaner at walmart -- and it is PURPLE and it smells YUMMY -- i don't really know why i am sharing that info but oh well --

i cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more - and now i am pooped - i don't want to cook - it is just so FrEAKin HOT -- i was going to make fried chicken but i am tired and now i am thinking i should make something else instead ?????? decisions decisions decisions...... never mind that it is 5:45 and i haven't even started to cook

but in my defense i must add that all the moms sat outside and talked after the kids got off the bus and the kids all played - we were out there until about 4:30 then the kids came in and had SNACKS - so now they really aren't that hungry --

it was so crazy at the bus stop -- i took some layouts outside with me so i could photograph them in REAL LIGHT - (donated my scanner because i thought we were getting a new scanner/printer combo - and long story short - we had to use that money for something else) so now -me without a scanner -had to take photos of layouts outside then i realized my neighbor had level side walks (i don't) at least hers look more level ?? so i am out there like a total freak - taking pics of these layouts in broad daylight in front of all the neighbors -- (NONE of my NEIGHBORS scrapbook - so you could just imagine the look on there faces) -- Can we say CONFUSED -- hee hee -- but a scrappers got to do what a scrappers got to do RIGHT LADIES --

Yesterday I found out some VERY SAD news about a friend -- she had a miscarrage - it is the 3rd one in about a year or so and i feel HORRIBLE for them -- i haven't talked to her so i am not going to share her name but if you could keep her and her family in your prayers I would really appreciate it --

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Cheryl Wray said...

Non-scrappers just don't understand our obsession, huh? LOL
I love that fabuloso cleaner too.I got the red/pink one at the store the other day and it smells great on your counters!
Prayers going out for your friend right now!